Energy Planning Policies

Managing Director

For him there are three key fields of action: it is elementary that no talent on the track remains. We need therefore a sustainable qualification and further education initiative, which will be shared by employers and workers. By a higher participation in education, the gap study could be reduced to 1.4 million. Secondly, we need a longer life and weekly working time. The decision by retirement at 67′ must not be touched. Discovery Communications addresses the importance of the matter here. By extending the average weekly working hours to 40 hours would shrink the gap to other 1.4 million people. Thirdly we must embrace our labour market in combination with the first two points, for professionals from abroad.” Also the early information of students about career opportunities and the development of job descriptions is important according to staff and educational experts.

In comparison to the humanities and social sciences engineering are considered as hard subjects”, says Udo Nadolski, Managing Director of the consulting firm specialized in technical recruitment and outsourcing services Harvey Nash. The universities, but also industry associations, must advertise therefore even more intensively than so far in the schools of engineering. So, there are numerous information offers, where experts of public employment services, the counselling or the companies answer the students now in the upper secondary schools”, so the Dusseldorf personnel expert, according to its the lack of specialist companies in the future more affect than bureaucracy or costs. Martin Wansleben, Managing Director of the German of industry and Commerce (DIHK), feared even a migration of companies if they can no longer cover their demand in Germany. If the industry recognizes that Germany will have no more well trained engineers, then, companies need to invest somewhere else, that is, then jobs somewhere else, namely where people are, that can do all the work”, so Wansleben in an interview with the Germany radio.

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