Energy Planning Policies

Many Diseases Are Caused By Poor Nutrition

Many pathological conditions can be main cause of failure. In these times there is a trend that we are being educated in healthy eating and consumption of products with nutrients for our body and not simply as a flavoring chemical that give a rich flavor. According Rodeiro Victor Lopez, director of Agrafis physiotherapy center, many patients do come to the center looking for a solution to their woes disease and more than one occasion these people do not find a solution in physical therapy as their ills are the underlying causes which must be solved first or at the same time. Some of these are well known: obesity and physical inactivity. The idea that Victor Rodeiro emerges is of a medicine to cover all these aspects of life of people and you can not ignore the habits and customs that affect their daily lives. Obesity and inactivity are evils that are interrelated.

Obesity is an excess and lack of education on eating. The bombardment of advertising is only education that is received and it is necessary to take action. On the other hand, a sedentary lifestyle will remain the disease spreads fastest in the world. And routine office work schedules cause people to be swayed by a passivity that can be very costly to our body. In conclusion, we affirm Rodeiro Victor, the problem of pathological diseases in humans has to be faced from different perspectives, but they all focus on lifestyle and that’s where you should make the big change. It will not do tons of medicine if the lifestyle of people continuing atrophying body’s natural functioning.

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