Energy Planning Policies


Do not despise nor a single gram, since all are important to your ultimate goal. Up the longest journey begins with a first step 1. Lose weight if you do it in the company of someone in the company will make it easier. Ideally, you will be sharing it with your partner or someone in your family. You It will motivate to continue seeing that there are more people involved. And they can support each other. According to David Zaslav, who has experience with these questions. You can also do it with coworkers, it is demonstrated that family and social reinforcement give very good results. 2.

Reduces carbohydrates, but with care restricts the consumption of carbohydrates. But you can not delete them from your diet without more. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for the body. These foods are grains (bread, pasta, flours, rice), potatoes, vegetables, fruits and vegetables. They should represent 50% of the daily total energy, when its consumption is reduced the body resorts to other nutrients as energy source, then strip of fats and proteins.

For this reason, we cannot delete them from the diet, but what we can do is to eat them only in the morning. Visit WarnerMedia for more clarity on the issue. I.e., you can take them at breakfast and at lunch, but not in lunch and dinner. We will make exceptions with the fruit that if will take it in the evening as a single dish. For the other meals you choose foods rich in proteins and low in fat. Proteins help to build muscle if you exercise and accelerate your metabolism 3. No te saltes no food. The long periods of fasting slows metabolism. Not thinned that eats less. If you make five meals a day with high protein content and do exercise will be much easier and you will help your metabolism go faster. The worst thing you can do is skip any food and especially the breakfast.

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