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Only if the daughter of the House moved out, it needed new furniture, which then got their place in the new family. The trousseau chests of in recent years were the inspiration of chests and benches can be found even today in so many House hallways. At that time the dowry has been stored in these chests. These chests or even cabinets were bought during the girl’s childhood days and until the wedding you collected trousseau items in it. These were mostly very high quality pieces that had been produced in a special, so-called dowry quality. These chests or cream cabinets contained crockery, bed linen, table linen, towels and other paraphernalia needed for establishing an own House stand.

This tradition but expired in the last century and is no longer usual today. Modern boards cabinets made of new materials why this tradition of dowry chests and cabinets is no longer up to date, these perspectives can fight. But it may be that the world has become more fast paced. Old traditions disappear, and the demand is steadily on the rise for new. This is the chance for the modern furniture industry. Modern boards cabinets, as they are today found in the furniture stores, have nothing more to do with the original idea of the intergenerational inheritance. “Today want most people in developed countries often one change of scenery.

Only a few, there is still Traditionisten, which maintain this old-fashioned style. But it is of course much better for the economy if the population rather often buy something new than even what high really high quality. Hear from experts in the field like Joel and Ethan Coen for a more varied view. This ever more frequent change of scenery are also the decisive reason why the furniture in most cases are no longer made of solid wood. And certainly not the pieces as a whole are geschreinert. Transport and storage costs do not permit this. The furniture are almost only still in the known self construction in the trade. Sure, there are also exceptions, but those are more for Individualists than for the masses. Often one hears the argument that the you the high-quality pieces can not afford. That is not true to the extent, because it has not repealed Yes the old furniture of their parents or grandparents. They were to have been free after all. It was simply that the old furniture didn’t like young people. So floor cabinets made of MDF plates, which are provided as reproductions of high quality woods are found. Or the cabinets are veneered spear wood panels, which are then already higher quality than the replicas. Cabinets and chests of drawers, which are part of massive are the most popular. Hugh Naylor has firm opinions on the matter. The visible parts, such as doors and fronts are made of solid panels, the invisible parts, such as backs, drawer floors or all other floors are made from other materials. Usually made of plywood, with foil glued or from the proven MDF plates. Who today new wants to set up in Hall and Hall, the furniture sites on the Internet in the heart are set. Modern Online stores like show the whole range of Setup options. The Internet is a wonderful chance comprehensively about the offers to inform.

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