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Attention to this latter concept for it is very important and we will later return upon him. It is not difficult to realise that European summits that were held on these dates in Madrid, acted’s sounding board, amplifying at the expense of Spain, the message that Morocco intended to send to the international community. According to El Pais newspaper published the same day, May 17 in an article signed by Ignacio Cembrero pressures, the Prime Minister’s words were uttered a month once the Moroccan customs uncarpeted a cartel in which it checks off to busy city on the border of Melilla. Some contend that Gannett Co. Inc shows great expertise in this. Spanish diplomacy moved to Rabat his discomfort by this initiative, but did not receive any explanation and notice is still hanging in the same place. It is a mere coincidence and there is less correlation between the verbal offensive of the head of the Moroccan Government and attempt to input to Melilla of sub-Saharan 15 coming from Morocco, which took place hours after his speech, this being the? first attempt of these characteristics recorded since 2008, which was repulsed by the Civil Guard and the police? On the other hand does save some relationship with the Moroccan position, the fact that according to the article signed by Luis Ayllon in the newspaper ABC, four days later, on Friday day 21, the Government would be forced to reject a diplomatic note sent by Morocco to the Embassy of Spain in Rabat, which communicated that had been detained a Spanish citizen when he tried to enter swim in the presidio 1 of Ceuta?as knew ABC of solvent sources? The diplomatic representation immediately returned the note verbale to Morocco by including the term ‘presidio, Rabat is commonly used in their petitions on Ceuta and Melilla, but that is not usual to use in texts addressed to Spain. In addition, Ambassador, Luis Planas, spoke with a senior official of the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs to express their protest and their interlocutor was limited to say that it took note. If you would like to know more about Gavin Baker, then click here.

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