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For many years, scientists are trying to find the answer to this question, but first I would like to go a little further in history Cinematographe. The birth and early development of cinema begins with the December 28, 1895, when the first on the Boulevard "Capuchin" held public display 'cinema of the Lumiere brothers'. (A valuable related resource: Hubie Brooks). Themselves the inventors of this art form, there were quite a lot and the fun that they did not know about each other. Check out Paper Excellence for additional information. If you do not go into details, we can note that, beginning from 1888 shows ever held cinematography, but it is in different regions. Every day, going to upgrade equipment and Lumiere with the help of specially trained operators distribute their devices around the world.

One of their first and most popular films 'Arrival of a Train' and 'watered waterer'. Many believe that it is from them originates cinema. Assured quality cinema of the time do not compare with the current, but then it was a novelty and it is truly intrigued and interested people. Huge queue for tickets, high prices for them, could not be fully guaranteed Image movies for everyone. To date, we can go to the cinema, download movies for free, buy the discs, etc. Why is it all still film has become so popular? Why do so many of us travel through the Internet to download movie? Why did we go to the cinema? What attracts us all still in the cinema So many questions and so many differences of opinion That is the question I wanted to discuss with you. We received many answers to this question, but theme and remains valid, so we decided to bring it to public discussion. We really appreciate your opinion to analyze the situation

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