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Municipal Guarda

We can evidence, also, that and positive for the established effect of populations while still alive exempts, for the promotion to the research and not governmental participation of entities. Such results aim at to make possible the constant analysis and evaluation of the procedures and the solturas, and the purpose of the conservation of biodiversity, in reiteration to the mission of the city. The loss of habitat and certainly the main threat to the wild fauna. However, other factors as the introduction of exotic species, the hunting and the capture also exert forts pressures on the population native, exactly with the available environment presence. The main characteristic of the work and to develop the final accomplishment of task of the selection process, identification, whitewashing and release, where if it shaped the project for accomplishment and acquittal of birds, mainly passeriformes.

The legislation of the IBAMA determines that to have an area of readjustment and acquittal, the agency publishes or private has that to adjust the norms. The project presented in this article if justifies, therefore the creation of acquittal area is, therefore a tool for the accomplishment most multicriteria using well-taken care of daily pay and after-acquittal and monitoramento. Thus the contribution does not restrict the wild fauna and encloses a global conservation. Prioritizing the responsible devolution of the wild fauna in its natural habitat. As agency it publishes, the IBAMA is come across with limitations of resources, instrumental and human materials, where through partnerships with the cities, associations, besiegers, farmers, condominium and another one certainly this singelo and essential harmony in favor of the nature. Without counting that the natural habitat today so threatened finishes contributing for captures of these animals and arriving until the extinguishing of some species in the nature. In 2008/2009 the city carried through great apprehensions of birds through the Ambient Squad of Municipal Guarda, removing of the hands of these illegal traders.

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