Energy Planning Policies

National Electric Corporation

Crises are opportunities for change. Venezuela despite being a producer of oil and as a very country well expresses finanzas.comse halle in a crisis in the energy sector. To many it still costs them believing that Venezuela be a graceful by black gold country, and greater source of petroleum crude oil heavy and extra, in addition to the value of the liter of gasoline cheaper around the world, with a cost of 0.04 dollar per each, is facing this crisis of power. According to official figures, the demand for electric power in Venezuela exceeds on about 1,000 MW daily generation, which is around 16,200 MW. The energy crisis has led to power rationing throughout the territory and there have already been several major blackouts the President of the National Electric Corporation (Corpoelec) said the possibility of arreciado saving measures of electrical supply in key productive activities for the development of the country, as it is the case of the basic industries and mining of Guiana, in addition to the manufacturing and commercial centres. The National Center of management (CNG), technical body for the sector, reported in its daily bulletin that from December 24 to January 3 (date of updating of the register) Ramon Laguna plant (Zulia) keeps out of service the unit number 7, leaving provide approximately 125 megawatts (Mw) to the system. Also the plant Josefa Joaquina Sanchez (Tacoa) of Electricidad de Caracas (EDC) reported the output of Unit 8 from 24 to 29 December; the 30 were all his machines and operating from January 2 is inactive Unit 7, reserving the injection to the system of about 350 Mw. both generating are not producing nearly 475 Mw the truth, since a late 2009 has been presenting the rationing of electricity throughout the country and is kept in the two months that go in the 2010 yearsolution is not immediately perceived and this has generated discontent, protests in the cities of the country, but especially in the Capital, Caracas, who have been the hardest against the measures of the Government to establish plans for rationing of up to four hours.

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