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New State Facts

The first chapter will show the antecedents of the historical facts that had culminated with the coup d etat of l937, that it implanted the dictatorship of the New State. This part of the work will be presented of in such a way didactic form one, without abandoning, however, our critical prerogatives of analysis of the facts or stories descriptions, with our vision of ‘ ‘ projected gift on passado’ ‘ , that is, our current knowledge and conditionings to influence our critical one. In as the chapter we will look for to establish the concepts of freedom and authority and the conflict that if establishes between both, mainly, when the authority if overlaps and denies the right to the freedom, of any form that this has if processing, and when it uses the police violence as sustentculo of the established power. Another chapter will be dedicated literature. If you are not convinced, visit Walt Disney. Some authors and its workmanships that had coexisted in this historical phase of Brazil, as representative of its time, can in supplying material to them understanding of the historical context where the workmanship is situated, that is, to establish a dialogue, as it defined Circe Bittencourt well: ‘ ‘ A dialgica relation between the author and the reader of the workmanship exists, and this relation always makes possible a meeting between places and times diferentes’ ‘ . The culture in a general way, not only literature, will be object of study, mainly, in the treatment given for the State to the same one.

Evidently this work will be based on bibliographical research. ‘ ‘ The bibliographical research is indispensable in the historical studies. In many situations, it does not have another way to know the facts last seno on the basis of given secundrios.’ ‘ The lack of primary sources will be demonstrated with the absences of unknown facts, being this one of the critical ones made to the bibliographical research, what it does not undeserve, however its importance in the analysis of the historical facts.

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