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New Year

A metropolis with charm and splendour at the turn of the year after Beijing whom the sense after an extraordinary evening of new year’s Eve in the Middle Kingdom is, which should immediately after matching flight offers look. The flight Portal informs about the Chinese metropolis. A flight to Beijing is worth every season, but new year’s Eve, a unique Magic emanates from the ancient imperial city. Traditionally, the Chinese celebrate the new year between January 21 and February 20, but many residents have adopted the Western custom of new year’s Eve. Thanks to its age-old history, Beijing is home to an extraordinary cultural heritage, therefore an extended sightseeing tour should be included necessarily. A visit to the Temple of heaven, the landmark of the Chinese capital, thereby virtually among the compulsory program. For assistance, try visiting Katie Goodland. The old temple halls return visitors in past imperial dynasties.

About the historical Tian’anmen-place takes tourists to the Imperial Palace, with over 9,900 rooms the largest Palace of Represents the world. Through the gate of heavenly peace, it goes into the forbidden city. There are traditional Zeremonialhallen and winding old residential courtyards which invite you to explore. Has come the last day of the year, the new year with six strokes is rung at midnight on the Bell Tower. If the visitor is lucky, they belong to those who climb the Tower until shortly before noon, thence from something for the new year to request. Beijing is an amazing city with a fascinating mix of modernity and tradition. New year’s Eve in the Chinese capital will become an unforgettable experience for many. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

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