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Nokian Tyres

Is Nokian Tyres by Nokian tyres be satisfaction guarantee in the demanding conditions of the North designed, tested and manufactured. They offer the best performance even under the most extreme conditions. If a buyer for any reason with its new summer tires from Nokian is not satisfied, he can exchange them tyre 14 days against another set from his dealer. Mounting and balancing are free of charge. So is the Nokian Tyres DSI satisfaction guarantee.

Nanotechnology and Nokian cool zone concept: excellent wet grip, precise handling thanks to nano technology responds the premium tires Z G2 speed increases almost immediately to steering movements and precise handling. He is clearly stronger than competing products, so its engineers by Nokian Tyres powerful, sure, wear-resistant and demanding driving conditions. He let not impressed by sharp fluctuations in temperature or rain, and have excellent driving performance. His power has been increased by using state of the art development and production technology at the top level. The most important innovations Nanosilica rubber compound, multi location structure and new profile geometry – give the brand tyres”its unique character, describes product manager Petri Niemi.

“Nokian cool zone concept we call the.” Excellent wet grip in all temperatures are a new, cool Silicamischung (Nokian cool UHP silica) in the outer position, the experts point out. This blend also provides effective suppression of tyre noise, which is caused by the asphalt. Very quietly, was the newcomer and offer pleasant comfort. Polished longitudinal grooves quickly drain off water and reduce the risk of aquaplaning. The bottom layer of a thin rubber compound reduces rolling resistance and heat generation. In the middle position, State of the art nanotechnology was used. Faster than conventional rubber compounds, the elastic Nanosilicamischung responds to steering movements. The Nokian Z G2 is soft and precise on the roadway. Despite their elasticity, the new Nanosilicamischung will strengthen the construction.

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