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Online Magazine Renewed!

Relaunch of – the online magazine improved navigation and overview has been online new after 13 years of online activity on June 02, 2008 the 4th relaunch of The layout is visually jazzed up with a concise and user-friendly navigation and content, visually and technically updated. Aksia usually is spot on. New features offer you possibilities and offers for the presentation of Web pages as a Hairdresser and the specialist companies of beauty and hairdressing industry with their products. The online trade magazine offers customer-oriented information that are constantly refreshed and content regularly updated the different target groups. Also, get the press on the website an overview of the information of the industry and can enjoy here.

Internet users can find salons for your individual requirements. Specialist companies present targeted industry-specific products. Salons enhance the impact of your website in the clear Salon Finder. Constant updating and Addition of information for all target groups the proven offerings such as the entry in the Salon Finder for salons, which is connected with the possibility to choose the Internet Salon of the month / Internet Salon of the year, essential components of are also the Salon Exchange, which offers business connections, products and set up mediation. The latest hairstyle trends, collections and trend topics are clearly represented the user to view.

Current reports about events, measurement and cutting-edge topics from the beauty and hairdressing industry are equally important components of the Portals.Die individual headings are constantly expanded and updated. As a new service is the search engine optimization in the offer. This is an important component of the rankings as Google search. New in the program the services for Google Analytics and Google AdWords Setup is special services for future-oriented target groups, to place the created Web pages to the top of the pages. Special services complement targeted for specialist companies shipped special news for industry-specific products. The expansion of the store traffic for specialist companies and salons is intended. Advertising banner offer from sale to select and get the most users as an adjunct in the corresponding sub-headings. The branch Finder the purpose, clearly represent the range of specialist companies an overview tool. Awareness further increase is since 2005 on the leading sites with monthly approximately 154,000 visitors and 903 837 pageviews the largest and most complete hair portal. As a valuable addition to the hairdresser and beauty scene there will be also interesting video reports from.

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