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Long gone 90 years, when online shopping was a novelty, variety selection did not shine, and to sell only get accustomed to the Web products – books, software drives. Paper Excellence pursues this goal as well. Other electronic trading area had the name "Internet shop" but in fact is a common product catalog. Visitors had the opportunity to buy goods and pay with electronic money, but preferred to use the Internet shop in order to further explore the characteristics of the goods, considered in detail the appearance, read reviews. The very same purchases are made in real stores. It is clear that lack of experience in the acquisition of goods "Blind" and the significant role of subjective factors increased the barrier of distrust, thus reducing the level of sales.

Experts studying e-commerce, came to the conclusion that lack of experience – solved the problem, enough to write the detailed instructions and content reviewers former customers of the simplicity of purchase. But the subjective factor – one of the most difficult. On the Internet it is easy to sell a service, because it is really hard and feel touch and see, and the opportunities the web can embody the service. But how to sell such a subjective commodity, like clothes? Who buyers online clothing stores? After all, it is impossible to try and guess how it will sit, "with brand-new "or not, it is simply impossible. With this problem in 90 years and ran the legendary company, based in London. Implemented, the grand idea of creating a virtual analogue of a department store like Harvey Nichols or Selfridges, offering customers the opportunity to purchase clothing and designer well known sports brands Nike, North Face, Umbro, and others, without leaving home. The project interested in companies such as Goldman Sachs, LVMH and the Benetton, the company invested in more than 100 million pounds. At launch, the estimated value of the company amounted to more than 200 million.

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