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The oracles are the particular articles that are used like tool in the process of understanding or divination of an idea, the supernatural thing, metaphysics in the own life, or the life of another person. Or a remunerated service or free, the oracles are a source of divine or supernatural wisdom. The prediction or perceptions of vision the future that come from an oracle have fame of being a divine word that communicates through an agent or a prophetic object. Most famous of human history it is not an object, but a person. The oracle of Delphi was a female, mystic, divine, sitting in a sidewalk on an Earth crack, which they left steam during his prophetic critical moments. It was recognized like the priestess, Pitia, and was guarded by a group of priests, people in charge of the interpretation of her steam induced by the prophecies.

Once finished its critical moment, the prophecies, often unintelligible, they were translated by the priests for the town. Of all parts of the classic Greek world, the leaders, the soldiers and the town were going to the temple of Apolo to consult to the famous oracle of Delphi. The prophecies of the Oracle of Delphi never were put in doubt. In fact, it was considered that if some divergence between the prophecy and its event were demonstrated, they were the priests who had badly interpreted the message of the oracle. Probably, the oracle known object more is the Chinese I Ching, that interprets the direction of the lines through ” Book of the Mutations, the I Ching”. Before it left the book, the bones of the oracle were used in China for similar interpretations.

The oracles used by psychic the today usually include the objects with which a spiritual or supernatural connection is had, and serve like tools to help a person to interpret with greater clarity the psychic messages. Therefore, the oracles are means to obtain answers to the invisible questions that can guide the future of a person. Nowadays the forms of oracles are several that is used in regular form. Numbers in Internet, through the numerologa, are a form to consult, free, to the oracle and is very popular between psychic the modern ones. The tarot letters, are perhaps, the known oracles more. Also runas, or rnicas stones, which follow the traditions celtas and druidas to use objects like tools of investigation of the supernatural wisdom.

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