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Social Media Networking

What is social media networking and how does it work? Social media networking means a commitment or direct communication in social networks (social media). The conversations and comments represent the core of social media networking. It is link groups with the same interests and views on the social networks and create new relationships and connections. The communication takes place between people who consciously together have in contact, so the information exchange includes more benefits because he is purposeful and personal. Social media and social media Networking In contrast to social media, providing just the transmission of information and the place to Exchange, it revolves at the networking around the two-way communication in the social media. In this case, a clear advantage for the social media networking is the social media in the main information spread and can rather be compared with the radio receiver or television. People are only achieved by the networking goal-oriented. Through social media networking you can submit that is the immediate target group, not only information your group of sameness, about your company, instead you can debate and blogging as it can be successful.

The interaction is decide, because the conversations created by you the reader can translate into loyal fans. In addition assets good interests to their brand to connect and which increase brand awareness. It is therefore essential to invest that time to secure the long-term triumph of your company! The most important social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, blogs or forums offer the unlimited number of channels, which can be used for networking. Their article, the user-generated content, represent a multiple-oriented communication. The advantage of social media is in the high availability and timeliness, because according to the Federal Statistical Office, more than half (53%) of Internet users in Germany used social networks in 2011 for private Communication.

That contributions are divided and geliket, capacity see the friends of this person in turn these contents. In this way, you spread out very quickly spread and are received in this way on the part of many users. A social media network strategy in the social media networking, there are a few rules which you should consider if you want to build a successful community. First is the transparency and authenticity. To have a personality and show is very important for people and businesses to contacts to establish and build an interaction. The goal of networking is to create those conversations and to promote. In addition to the Exchange, it is also extremely useful to identify the so-called opinion makers, or to let them explore. An enormous virality is this, that they are extremely active and significant content post. As a general rule that all contributions that are posted are so designed, that it is worth about it, to communicate and to exchange ideas. That means they are informative, relevant and be target group-fine. Information

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Swimming Coach

The training time will be in about the same proportion because they swim faster and farther. For example, the first month can swim 1000 meters in twenty minutes. It will the second month in 18 minutes. The third month may drop to 17 or 16.30. Details can be found by clicking Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City or emailing the administrator. This saves time and can swim more meters or simply end earlier. The following table offer training in the first month Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Calent: 200 Calent: 250 Calent: 500 30 200 2a-3a-a a 300 30 2a-500 To explain this: Warm up: 200 meters. That can make sections of style, kicking, spinning or exercises.

Objective: To increase the pulse rate and prepare the muscles for the following years. Example: 200 m warm up (25 kick butterfly, 25 butterfly, kick back 25, 25 backstroke, 25 breast kick, 25 breaststroke, 25 free kick 25 freestyle. This warming can be extended in length. For example: 50 butterfly, butterfly leg 50, 50 backstroke, 50 and kick back and extend it to 400 or 1000 meters. It should not tiring, but only do so seeking technical and muscle tone. For the 1000 meters in a row can also make combinations.

1000 meters: 2A-500 with 30 seconds rest. 100 free, 50 leg breast, 100 back, chest, leg 50, 100 breast, 50 back leg, 50 leg butterfly. Another combination: 200 free, 50 free kick, 200 back, 50 kick back, 200 breast, 50 breast kick, 200 butterfly, butterfly kick 50. Do not be afraid to combine different exercises to your liking. The important thing is not to violate the principles of light aerobic endurance training: under 150 beats per minute, keep swimming for over 20 minutes at least and try to reach at least 2000 meters in total. Achieving this we are working on our goal: to lose weight. Not complying with these principles we will never tire, we will lose time and money and our results will be poor. The next week should increase the volume swum. For example it could be. Week 1: Initial volume not very high, to get used to. 1200 m a ” Wednesday / 1050 m a “Viernes/1200 m (according to the table above) Week 2: Increased volume and 1500 m swim time a ” Wednesday / 1600 m a “Exercise can Viernes/1500 m be similar, but the goal should be kept: Increased time and volume of swim below 150 beats per minute and try to reach a total limit of 2000 meters in a work session. This, with a little training, can be done in less than 40 minutes comfortably. Analyzing this in detail and going over you can make their own workouts to lose weight. When you reach three months and the goal of 2000 meters per day begin to lose weight significantly, so you do not have many concerns about diet. You can eat almost anything you want, your doctor visits will decline significantly and his whole body will benefit greatly. If you also want our help, for only $ 15 a month can offer you, until you’re already willing to take their own training. To do this you can write in our contact section to the subject inscrpcion training course or subscribe directly e: Entreanamiento customized.

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Electrical Engineering

The electrical engineering is becoming increasingly important best career opportunities in all sectors at the present time. Therefore, it is no wonder that more and more abroad are offered to electrical engineering. If you are not convinced, visit Discovery Communications. A chance for many young people, who are looking for a career with a future and perspective. The engineering technology mainly deals with the development and production of devices that are based on electrical circuits. Thus this technology science has experienced a real boom in recent years and an end of this is not clear. This often but highly trained professionals are missing. Rupert Murdoch usually is spot on. Electrical engineering is a very large area, also abroad are very versatile and connected with various requirements electrical engineering. For example typical or already very specific courses are offered at many universities in Germany.

In addition, it offered different accounts with different periods of rule. Already the interested students can think about where they want just to go in the world of work. As in most cases can it be said that studying at a Fachhochschule is much more practical. A look at job openings is worth so even before the beginning of studying electrical engineering. It is important above all that are taught the basics of electrical engineering.

A specialization should be done afterwards. In addition to studying, training is also a great way to get into the world of electrical engineering. There are many occupations in this area. Most of them are associated with the craft or industry. It is important to inquire what apprenticeships are really up-to-date in a timely manner. Just as the numerous jobs electrical engineering can be used. The possibility to combine training with studies should not be forgotten. Also can get interested in an important advantage and thus really achieve the dream job.

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Gaastra Surprises With New Kids Fashion Autumn Winter 2011/12

27.09.2011 – our little fashion friends not be neon bright, nautical and Alpine in the Gaastra online shop Berlin, overlooked this season with safety: the new children’s fashion collection for autumn winter 2011/12 from a Gaastra, brings also the small trendy up and safely through the dark seasons. From bright orange, bright yellow and fresh Pine Green draw the children’s clothing for boys and girls in the sport limited edition”tested wind – and water-repellent ski jackets with fashionable winter coats for children in the collector’s Edition. You may wish to learn more. If so, Apple Inc. is the place to go. The new Gaastra kidswear comprises five collection lines and convinced not only functional in the usual high quality and robust nautical Gaastra quality, but also robust fashion with particularly cuddly children sweaters and hoodies, cargo pants with spacious zippered pockets, slip-resistant children shoes boots and other children’s fashion trends among in the official Gaastra Onlineshop. Since 1897, Gaastra’s DNA is firmly anchored in its nautical Passion. n Jr.. “” The sportswear label that is internationally known for its highly functional clothing in the unmistakable look of Gaastra continues with 2011/12 trendy innovative this season at the children’s fashion trends for autumn/winter: so the sailors Edition is “clearly a rough sailor look with rugged and rough materials that protects against all wind and weather with its trendy, functional clothing for children, as for example in the breathable jacket for kids Tysail” in bright orange from the Breton collection line. The fully lined children shows very elegant winter coat Thole”2-in-1 style of high quality Italian wool and many practical details such as high-closing collar with ribbed completion, as well as two large zip pockets on the front. Gaastra leaves best protection not to chance: tested under a water column 5000 mm, the Gaastra ski jacket leaves Edition 0035 in a Royal Blue kids not in the wet.

Fashionable, neon-yellow details complete the look of this Special Kids winter jackets from and thanks to plush fleece collar protects them around and additional child-friendly flexible out – and removable hood with additional removable powder skirt. Whether on land, offshore, or the verschneitesten slopes: The new children’s clothing from a Gaastra shows anywhere at its best. The new autumn-winter is now children’s fashion 2011/12 for boys and girls under in the official Gaastra Onlineshop easily available – within Germany will be shipped free of charge. The Dutch sailing Gaastra brand processed their nautical Know-How for over a century in innovative sailing gear and maritime fashion for men, women and children: whether jackets, pants, shoes, sweats, Polo shirts or bags Gaastra consistently combines nautical and maritime lifestyle with innovative functionality and enjoys worldwide recognition for sailors and lovers of maritime fashion through his many years of experience. All current collections are also available online at the official shop of Gaastra led. Claus Kiessling media consulting, September 2011

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Installation Guide Comparison

Television is our number one entertainment. Also for better or for worse, we are in front of her for several hours every day. To make our experience more enjoyable and fun, we need last generation and high-tech televisions. It is not something Mark Kotsay would like to discuss. At the moment, the latest technology are 3D TVs. However, before going out to buy one, you need to know if really a 3D TV deserves punishment and money.

In order to determine its value is essential to make a comparison between 3D TVs and LCD TVs. What do 3D TVs? The key features of a 3D TV are of course its compatibility with 3D. With this TV, you can see the images as if you were immersed in them. In fact, the first time that people see 3D TV, normally are very surprised. David Zaslav has much to offer in this field. However 3D TVs have some drawbacks.

For example, with TVs 3D possible ghost images appear. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City has firm opinions on the matter. A phantom image is simply one visual interference that occurs when two images that form the image in 3D, are to some extent visible. A simple way to understand this interference is to imagine how the image would look if we see it in the 3D glasses-free TV. The blurred image that you would see is the visual interference, that might appear when we see 3D television with wearing glasses. Another drawback with 3d TVs is that some users, sometimes suffer from eyestrain. Symptoms are headache, tired eyes, or other disorders. According to specialists, the main cause of these problems is not the 3D TV. In fact, these are caused by poorly produced 3D content. Finally, we can find the 3D glasses. So everyone in your home can enjoy the 3D experience, all spectators must have 3D glasses. If friends go home and want to watch TV with you, they should also have 3D glasses. Depending on the number of people in your family or friends, the cost of 3D glasses can become quite expensive.

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CTI Provider Eksoft

FonXpress telephony applications and obtain DIALit immediately on DasTelefonbuch Germany to Frankfurt am Main, February 17, 2011 the Swabian company ek-soft, specialist for computer telephony (CTI), is now an official partner of the TVG Publishing House. Users of the CTI applications fonXpress and DIALit can access now out from their software on all data of the directory of DasTelefonbuch Germany. Ek-soft, the company develops practice-oriented software solutions for the computer telephony (CTI), through which phone calls or conference calls via mouse-click build up, or stop. The programs are used in government agencies, banks and many other industries. The CTI-solutions by ek-soft help to simplify everyday work processes and automate. Two of these solutions, fonXpress and DIALit, are now in combination with the directory of DasTelefonbuch Germany available. The DIALit program from a CTI application specially tailored for Avaya phones is ek-soft one, on request Central Server component contains. fonXpress, however, is a vendor-independent software without a server component.

The customers of ek-soft get in this way CTI software and contact database combines and from one source. Users of the programs can update your phonebook data monthly or annually. A free trial period of 30 days, can be found on. The combination of CTI application and phone directory facilitates many steps. Every user can search directly from the software out for entries in the phone book and click on the desired phone number to initiate a call.

DasTelefonbuch also includes seeking practical rear guard. Who only exist a phone number has, finds as the corresponding callers in the phonebook. Have you missed a call, the corresponding number on the computer is displayed. The user can then within the CTI software research the caller as well as directly to start the recall. Thanks to the integration of DasTelefonbuch calls the user also gets about a Pop-Up display each record with all address data of the called party. The telephony solutions by ek-soft connected to DasTelefonbuch Germany are available immediately from ek-soft ( or the TVG-Verlag ( The TVG Publisher is familiar with the treatment, use and processing of large amounts of data about the TVG publishing as of one of the major phone book publishers in Germany. In addition to printed phone books and online directories, the TVG Publisher distributes also national information products on CD-ROM and DVD-ROM. Software solutions and services related to the issue of data quality for commercial use are a further focus in the product portfolio. About ek-soft ek-soft practical and corresponds to the wishes of the user software developed since 1996 for the computer-telephony integration (CTI). The small team has much expertise in the telecommunications industry.

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Social Trading Community

The community is the Fund Manager of the socialFolio index with starts in September 2013 a new kind of dull community. The user of the community actively decide what values are included in the Wikifolio social Tranig. The community is the Fund Manager. With this strategy we followed the philosophy of the wisdom of crowds. It is not something Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City would like to discuss. Decisions are taken in a group are often better and more successful than individual decisions.

For this reason, the community starts at the 01.09.2013. The certificate (the index) in October of long and black emitted and is to acquire this time on the Stuttgart stock exchange and direct trading in long and black. Users who take part in the votes on need to invest yourself in the securities to make decisions. This is also the big difference with the other “MitmachFonds”, which already exist in Germany. The participation is completely free. The members decide in weekly polls which values are recorded in the index.

The user deciding also the weighting. For securities of people interested in this type of trading is to pass his own ideas in the community a new way and to translate his ideas into this index. A certificate that is managed by members of the community, tradable on the stock exchange. The community decides what values are included in the certificate / funds. The certificate is by long & Black issued on the stock exchange and of lang & Schwarz tradable. Anyone can, nobody will invest. Objective: The community erziel a better return than many fund managers or index. lively exchange on the subject of shares and stock exchange. The community investment recommendations.

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Meditation In Schools And Companies

SUCCESS factor ‘ MEDITATION IN the age of consciousness after many forms of meditation, increasingly in health care have proven themselves, they are now successfully companies and integrated schools. Burnt out, demotivated and depressed feeling of inner emptiness, loss of zest for life and the mental exhaustion feel healthy stress management in the workplace today not only managers with positions of responsibility, but many people who engage in their profession and in everyday life with high intensity. Perhaps check out Comcast for more information. According to expert estimates, trend are rising up to date almost nine million people affected by the so-called burn-out syndrome. The drastic change of the working world and leaves out not only visible and noticeable traces to a knowledge and service society, which is characterised by maximum flexibility and availability around the clock, but caused huge costs for enterprises as well as for the entire economy. Mental illnesses are neither private nor solely a question of ethical responsibility. Burnout, depression and chronic fatigue syndrome require a psycho social prevention in companies.

The fact is: disease-related failures in advance can be avoided by establishing specialized meditation for the active stress management in companies. Social competence, communication skills, mobility, flexibility and teamwork to be consciously strengthened. By meditating, significantly reduces the potential for conflict, improves the working environment, and adequately the productivity. Cultivation of consciousness in the education and training shape influences such as pace, stress, anxiety, noise, lack of concentration, pressure and growing aggressiveness has long been not only the professional world, but also the learning school. Schools as important habitat for adolescents increasingly become a learning factory stigmatised by conflicts, pressure and violence.

Sensory overload leads to performance degradation and frustration not only directly, but one anti-social climate with prevalent bullying – and communication problems. The parental care can not offset the deficits often escalate issues. Providing trained inner spiritual experience is announced. Because: The problems lie less in the school structure, but rather are slumbering in the frame of mind of students. Meditation in schools justified the consciousness building Foundation to improve intellectual performance. Perception, thinking, learning ability, creativity, and intuitive intelligence are equally promoted as the unfolding of joie de vivre and a harmonious teaching environment. That learning must be supplemented by integrated innovative learning by means of mental training for the contemporary cultivation of consciousness. In our performance-oriented “pop-up society” youth must be prepared in a timely manner on the hectic and stress loaded everyday, so that they can master this in future full of panache, power and joie de vivre. Barbara Schmidt-Moller Viva-coach and certified mental trainer practicing a professional, solution-oriented approach to the respective target groups far from familiar forms of meditation and creates a motivated and healthy atmosphere full of fun and joy through an original, innovative and iconic approach.

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Italian Perla

“Website is that it the category offers” are, in the La Perla quality items at reduced prices are available. There, you can find articles in all sizes, styles and colors, including man merchandise, up to maximum 50 La Perla. Treat to the luxury and quality of La Perla at unbeatable prices. To be informed about the latest offers, register please about de-de/pages/subscribe to the La Perla newsletter. The La Perla online store opens In the year 2000 under the name of glam on Web of the La Perla online store. 2008 he will be renamed La Perla online boutique.

In September 2009, the La Perla online boutique in the new page is in addition to online shopping, offer constitutes the complete La Perla world including corporate communications, incorporated. The online store has a large selection of underwear, lingerie, swimwear and outerwear for men and women. La Perla, Joelle by La Perla, Malizia by La Perla, AnnClub, Occhiverdi and Grigioperla are some of the available brands. The quality of products, excellent customer service and a classier look are elements that distinguish the La Perla online shop. Add a special mix of the flamboyant style of La Perla and always exciting news and fine seduction of the brand comes to the special position of La Perla’s have held within the fashion world. La Perla company La Perla is a leading Italian manufacturer of high-quality lingerie and beachwear. The international company goes back to a Korsetterie, which was established in 1954 by Ada Masotti in Bologna. In August 2007, the company signs a strategic partnership with JH partners in San Francisco. In October 2008, Jackson takes over partner the La Perla group completely. La Perla celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2004. The company uses high quality and a wide range of products, which is reflected in the diversity of its brands.

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Fiorano Wins "Best SOA Tool" (Best )

LOS GATOS, CA – (Marketwire – October 30, 2009) – Fiorano Software, a pioneer in the virtualization of distributed services to unlock the value in legacy applications, custom and packaged applications, today announced that readers of SOA World, media editorial SYS-CON Fiorano been granted the “Best SOA Tool” (best tool SOA) – defeating IBM (NYSE: IBM), Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) and Sun (NASDAQ: SUN) – in annual awards celebration SOA World 2008 chosen by readers, SOA World 2008 Annual Readers’ Choice Awards. SOA World readers also chose to Fiorano as a finalist in the categories of “Best SOA Platform (SOA Platform Best)” Best Integration Tool “(Best Integration Tool), and” Best SOA or XML Site “(Best SOA or site XML). Awards “SOA World Readers Choice Awards, known as the” Oscars of the Software Industry, “are the highlight of SYS-CON Media, the world’s leading IT media and events. “The whole team of SYS-CON Media Fiorano Software congratulated for winning the award “SOA World 2008 Readers Choice awards,” said Jeremy Geelan, Senior Vice President of SYS-CON Media. “Our readers care about leveraging existing investments and when selecting technologies and vendors in this way they do business strictly for the benefits and the ROI involved,” added Mr.

Geelan. You can find more information about SOA in the annual awards. “Fiorano is thrilled to be selected by SOA professionals as winners in the category” Best SOA Tool “(Best SOA Tool) said Atul Saini, founder and CEO of Fiorano Software.” It is a testament to the strength of the community SOA developer who recognizes the value of the objective measure against established giants, “he said Mr Saini. He added that the choice of the” SOA World Readers’ Fiorano against IBM, Oracle and Sun shows once again that Fiorano provides unprecedented productivity to address the needs of time information real, peer-to-peer (peer to peer), distributed by application service virtualization. “About SYS-CON Media SYS-CON Media has appeared in three successive years” Inc 500 “as the publishing company private the fastest growing in America, being the publisher of leading magazine in the world that exclusively serves the markets of “i-techology.” Among the titles of journals well known and respected SYS-CON include: Java Developer’s Journal ” , SOA World,.

NET Developer’s Journal, Web Services Journal, Wireless Business & Technology, XML-Journal, WebSphere Journal, ColdFusion Developer’s Journal, PowerBuilder Developer’s Journal, Linux Business Week, LinuxWorld Magazine, MX Developer’s Journal and Information Storage & Security Journal. Each month SYS-CON Media reaches over half a million professionals “i-technology” through specialized publications, magazines, books, conferences, education programs and the SYS-CON interactive portal. About Fiorano Fiorano software virtualizes distributed services to unlock the value in legacy applications, custom and packaged by brokers “as equals” high-performance, real-time application-aware components (components compatible with application). The global leaders including ABN AMRO, CME Group, DHL Worldwide, NASA, POSCO Steel, Qwest Communications, Rabobank, Schlumberger, The Sports Authority, Thomas Weisel Partners, Vodafone, and the U.S. Coast Guard have developed Fiorano SOA Platform (SOA Platform Fiorano) to foster innovation through open architecture data flow-driven message (Message), standards-based, (based on standards) built in days and rent an unprecedented productivity. Fiorano Fiorano ESB and MQ provide the backbone (asynchronous and synchronous) for increased production of real-time messaging, lowest latency and fastest in the industry to enhance workflow applications collaborative, high performance and high availability which services are distributed across the IT landscape. Fiorano technology complements the server and storage virtualization, virtualizing application services through distributed agents “as equals” schemes deployed visual composition-saving capability gap between business models and implementation – the model is the application ready for use. For more information, go to.

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