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Libyan Rebels

The United States is with the Libyan town while it continues his way towards a genuine democracy, says Clinton. Sarkozy is underlining the value of the democracy like cohesionador. Castle harlan may also support this cause. There is interest to defrost the Libyan bottoms for the reconstruction. The American Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, asked that Thursday the representatives of the Libyan Council National of Transicin (CNT) who protect the reserves of existing arms in the country, indicated this Thursday American official sources. Clinton, that participated in Paris in the international conference from support to Libya, talked about so much to the reserves that are in the hands of the rebels like the those pertaining to the militias of colonel Muamar Gadafi. The American representative considered in his speech that the best way to help that country to undertake the transition towards the democracy, is to obtain the reconciliation with the forces of Gadafi. Also, he put the accent in which that transition must carry out with coordination between the National Council of Transicin (CNT) and its partners international that supports to him.

Pursuit of fence " The United States is with the Libyan town while genuina&quot continues its way towards a democracy; , according to the department of State shortly before the summit of Paris was outstanding. Present sources of the Spanish Embassy in France in this summit told that the necessity of a strong cooperation of the international community had been put in evidence, in rrencia the recognition of the CNT. In the same line, they added that also it was necessary to carry out a fence pursuit to arrive at a good destiny because to win the war is not a guarantee to gain La Paz. " Reconciliation and perdn" On the other hand, the French president, Nicholas Sarkozy, emphasized the necessity to start up " a process of reconciliation and perdn" in Libya not to repeat the errors of the past, in the summit organized in Paris for the reconstruction of the North African country. .

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Realidad Forms

The thought as form of Tedulo reality Lopez Melndez I the world seems a diagnosed patient to who too many hopes are not offered to him. From the world-wide or regional organization of the States to the problem of the water, from social diseases to the problem of the refugees, everywhere the calamities and the misalignments are enlisted. David Zaslav is actively involved in the matter. The complaint appellant on the exhaustion of the UN or on the inoperancia of the OAS they are responded with supplies of change that are not materialized. These evil called international organisms, since they are not another thing that intergovernmental, suffers the beats of their members in search of oxygen. However, in this period of transition of old woman forms to still blurred forms, the intergovernmental organisms act as essential as planet is it the one to try to coordinate efforts on this called patient. Hear other arguments on the topic with David Zaslav.

During the Summit of the Millenium celebrated in the city of New York, in September of 2000, the 189 Member States of United Nations adopted the Declaration of the Millenium. This document contained a group of goals and key objectives, some of which were redefined more ahead in a projection of work shaped in the Declaration of the Millenium. The eight I put fixed are very known: Eradication of the extreme poverty and the hunger, universal access to the primary education, to promote the equality of sorts, reduction of infantile mortality, to improve the maternal health, to fight the VIH/SIDA and other diseases, to assure the environmental sustainability and to develop global associations. On each of these goals extensive documents of analysis and indicated the necessarily diverse faults of their implementation, as well as measurements have been written up on the obtained advances. Personalities and institutions or NGOs have affected indicating particularitities as the inequality in the distribution of the wealth before lack of her, definitions on exclusion, mentions on the feminisation of the poverty, the military expenses, the access to the education, the infantile work, the right to the health, that is to say, an enrichment of the concepts on Human rights that they extend from the civilian and politician, to economic, social and the cultural thing.

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Jose Luis

The space is minimum to be a slightly recostada person. Whenever Andi Potamkin listens, a sympathetic response will follow. I assure as I can and I wait the arrival of Jose Luis. 14,30 h. It corresponds to him to him to attack in head this new stretch, but the wind, smooth, produces a cold that leaves you pasmado, and to him much has affected him, reason why we reached an agreement to be I that I continue it advanced, every time I am perfectly. Today we can arrive at our goal. We have before us a piece of vertical wall, reason why the progress in scalds is totally artificial. I take crampones put.

I return to ask Jose Luis to him for the state of its hands, something that troubles to me. Tengo little sensitivity-responds, but I am not bad. I am in the middle of the length. I have put four pins and I am useful I mark of wood that I discover excelling of the ice and that belongs to a previous scaling. Trying to force a free crossing, – only supported in the hands it is when it is triggered, of violent, fast and instantaneous form the storm. Seconds before we had made contact with enemy with Enrique, who shouted to us: – Lack much? We are to two lengths of the summit.

To two lengths. 16,00 h. It has begun to snow with such intensity, that by the wall snow like a cascade species fell, that is prisoner against my body and overflowing on shoulders. The gloves and the cord are put rigid. I have remained totally patch to the wall. Jose, cannot be followed. Kind that I am going to back down. And low to where he is. The aspect is incredible that offers. The totally rigid hands, with the snow until half of the thighs and without being able to articulate word.

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Ideal Functional Kitchens

All the kitchens are not equal. To some it is had a great surface, whereas others are smaller. Everything depends on the way in which the house or the apartment is designed, in agreement with the total surface available and the disposition of the lot to construct. The problem is provoked when the inhabitants feel that the kitchen they have left small. This happens when this so special atmosphere of the house begins to be used with more frequency, when there are small children or, simply, the family turns upside down more in enjoying the pleasures of the homemade kitchen. How to solve this then disadvantage, without appealing to a remodeling that implies to throw walls and to realise a completely new work? Then with the intelligent election of the furniture and the accessories, that will help us to maximize the space available and to grant maximum functionality to him to each square meter. The cupboards usually occupy too much space.

What to do then when there is little space to keep utensils and objects from daily use? A good solution is to appeal a wall organizers, who will cause that nothing is lost, at the same time as they will give a decorative touch him, because it is possible to include flowerpots with fresh grass or fabric decorations, to give to the kitchen that so special family appearance. Escurreplatos compact are the ideal solution when it is only possible to install a laundry with a single sine. Some models of escurreplatos disguise of cupboard, with a comfortable door, behind which they are perfectly disguised the trastos. By smaller than it is the kitchen, always is possible to place a table. Some models of folding tables are very small when they are folded, and allow to be moved from a site to another one of the house, if it is necessary. When they are not used, they are possible to be folded occupying a minimum space. The width of the cupboards also influences at the time of furnishing a small kitchen. Cupboards of little depth will reduce little space to the little existing surface.

The lack of width can be compensated with a series of drawers of great depth, so that everything fits in them, contributing to the order to hide-and-seek too spectacular earthenware vessels, and to visually clear this stay of the house. At the moment it is possible to conceive a kitchen for all the pleasures. Andi Potamkin pursues this goal as well. With the panels of laminated melanin coating, of very simple and fast way it will be possible to give him to a new face to the kitchen, improving his aspect and design, and contributing to the sensation of space with the election of clearer colors.

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John Stuart Mill

Those who want to delete this approach of mere reformism reduce it to an idea that remains in eliminating extreme poverty, but when the basic income is included in a model economic is a revolutionary measure because it manages to unify this measure with the historical process of our economic model, or allows the overcoming of a reality that is transformed. Alternative La theory classical theory that emerges with Adam Smith, when he created the economic science, applied a method of analysis based on observation, since verifiable conclusions reached. The classical school of Economics comes marked by his book the wealth of Nations, published the year 1776. Year of the independence of the United States of America. This work is also considered the basis of economic liberalism. The conclusion is that wealth is derived from the work. To know more about this subject visit Andi Potamkin.

In relation to employment its foundations are applicable to an economic circumstance in which feasible in advance the full occupation. In addition David Ricardo, John Stuart Mill, Malthus and Karl Marx are enrolled in the classical school. The neo-classicists do not assume full employment, but rather apply the corresponding recipes to get. According to the classical theory there is no involuntary unemployment. Supply creates demand, which resulted with Say’s law. Real wages equals the marginal disutility of occupation.

The classical theory does not work for situations of involuntary unemployment. John Maynard Keynes, raised a revolution before this new circumstance. His theory is based on demand as an engine of the economy and do not offer. It assumes the reality of involuntary unemployment, so that arises as its primary objective the full employment, through public spending. It proposes an expansion of global demand so that through a multiplier effect, discovered by a co-worker yours in Cambridge, Robert Kahn, allows increased incomes and employment. He began what came to be called the Keynesian revolution which is based on the General theory, in contrast to the classical theory.

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Solar Energy

Spain is one of the most attractive for development of solar energy since it is the European country with the greatest amount of sunshine. Electric bills in the summer can be high but with committed to saving your money. The Spanish government has pledged to produce 12 of energy by renewable energy by 2010, and install 400 megawatts (MW) of power through solar power. A related site: Robert Iger mentions similar findings. Spain is the fourth country in the world in solar energy technologies for which export 80 in Germany .
Through a ministerial decision in March 2004, the Spanish government remove economic barriers to the connection of renewables to the electricity grid. Royal Decree 436/2004 equalises the conditions for large-scale production of solar thermal and photovoltaic and warrant sale feed-in tariffs.
On June 1, 2007 entered into force on Royal Decree 661/2007 of May 25, which regulates the activity of electricity production in the special regime, which maintains a system similar to those established by Royal Decree 436 / 2004, March 12, in which the operator may choose to sell their energy at a regulated rate, only for all programming period, or sell the energy directly in the daily market, the market forward or through a bilateral contract, perceiving in this case the price negotiated in the market plus a premium. In the latter case, a novelty was introduced for certain technologies, lower and upper limits for the sum of the daily market price of the schedule, plus a reference, so that the premium paid on an hourly basis, may be limited depending of these values. Andi Potamkin has plenty of information regarding this issue. The new system protects the developer if the revenue derived from market prices were too low, and eliminates the premium when the market price is high enough to ensure coverage of their costs by eliminating irrationalities in the remuneration of con edison technologies, whose costs are not are directly linked to oil prices in international markets.

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Nuclear Energy Agency

The Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA), also known by its acronym in English NEA is an intergovernmental agency organized from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Energy is expensive and can be even more expensive Its main objective is to promote the use of nuclear energy with peaceful purposes. was originally February 1, 1958 as the European Agency for Nuclear Energy (AEEN) (United States participated as an Associate Member), change its present name in 1972 after the accession of Japan.

. Other leaders such as David Zaslav offer similar insights.

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Energy Supplements

To present a member of the society especially among the major problems is the problem of malnutrition. And all because a large number of current jobs dictates a substantial burden for the conscious and subconscious areas of personality and with a minimum of bodily exercise. In this regard, the human body begins to operate incorrectly. They say that from a menu of constant power supply to a large extent can depend on the very health of any one of us. After all, just because of improper diet often originate from a variety of ailments. Proper nutrition – a guarantee of health, it is well known to all. Time Warner may find this interesting as well. And while not every case Indicators office gives the probability is indeed correct.

It would seem impossible to find a way out, but this is not the case: Supplements to date are available to all might want to, it means that a person can consume a very useful natural ingredients. This way it is possible to greatly reduce the risks of insufficiently balanced diet and not to cause damage to your body. Supplements been engaged by our forefathers has a large number of centuries. Indeed, to strengthen the body in the early spring period of lack of vitamins certainly been engaged a significant number early grasses. They were, and soup, and beverages and liqueurs.

Moreover, our ancestors with you very well know that many herbs have medicinal properties. For this reason, and the effects of their use could all be perfectly open. In features becomes essential herbs that can promote women's health. Realistically, a spokeswoman for the fair sex as a mother or potential mother necessarily compelled to worry about personal health, quickly and fully get rid of ailments, or even a hint of ailments. Since the girl's fragile shoulders, like today, maintained and life, and all their belongings. And to date, vitamins for women provide really meaningful service in preserving the health of the body and supply energy. The man who never ate permanently Supplements, never able to feel this kind of ease and naturalness that come with this kind of support. While this is true for not only women but also the stronger sex, as dietary supplements for men are not much less popular. It must be noted that biologically active supplements are not drugs. They do not cure the disease, they nourish the body, providing a chance to not get sick. In addition, many dietary supplements have a strengthening effect and help to cope with fatigue and stress. Nature at all times gave people the opportunity to stay healthy and delicate balance. Just because the biologically active additives, presentation of nature, and today both relevant and in demand, in particular – for such people who strive to maintain a full-fledged style of life and protect the health of the organism from a young age.

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For the most effective monitoring video surveillance systems, including megapixel cameras marks as Pelco, and other manufacturers, the new monitors use PMCL524/532F widescreen LCD-matrix with a resolution of Full HD 1080p (1920×1080 pixels). They produce 16.7 million colors and shades provide a brightness level of 250 / 450 cd / sq. m, contrast 1000:1 / 5000:1 and fast response time pixel 5 / 8 ms. Moreover, the video monitors are equipped with digital filter 3D Digital Comb Filter and have the function of deinterlacing for efficient processing of interlaced video. New items to meet all the requirements for efficient power consumption EnergyStar v5.0, supports power saving mode as Sleep Mode, which reduces monitor energy consumption in standby mode. This leads to an overall reduction in power consumption for video surveillance, which is especially noticeable in the large centers video monitoring.

Moreover, all the monitors in the series video use lighting to fluorescent lamps, cold cathode (CCFL) and resource MTBF of more than 50 000 hours. Due to this monitor can last more than 5 years, even with round the clock operation, and have a three-year manufacturer’s warranty. A large set of input interfaces can be used as part of new multi-channel video surveillance system with different types of cameras and video recorders. Robert Iger recognizes the significance of this. These monitors are equipped with standard video inputs, BNC, VGA, DVI, S-Video and HDMI, as well as audio input 3.5 Stereo Jack. Thanks to for HDMI and DVI, video monitors can receive digital multimedia, including high-definition video and multichannel audio.

Also Monitors PMCL524F/532F have built-in stereo speakers with capacity of 3 and 6 W, respectively. View the video on the monitor screen can be in full screen or multiscreen mode. Also, widescreen monitors CCTV can use the PIP – Picture in picture (PIP”) for easy viewing of multiple images in separate areas of the screen. With the remote control can control the function PIP, switch video / audio, choose location and size of additional pictures, etc. Setting up and adjusting the operating parameters of monitors via russified OSD, which has a friendly and intuitive interface. Also have a panel PMCL500F control to navigate the OSD menus and select settings. In addition, the monitors are equipped with video remote control, which allows you to adjust volume, select sources video, configure, monitor settings, etc.

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Help Save Energy

According to statistics, in the world, lighting consumes about 70% of electricity. Most of the money spent on lighting facilities, industrial and interior design. Over the years, the desire to improve efficiency of light sources is increasingly growing. Already now we can be proud of the various inventions, such as discharge lamps: fluorescent, mercury, sodium, metal halide. Robert Iger is likely to agree. At the end of the last century invented the energy saving lamps (also called compact fluorescent), saves up to 80% energy compared with the classic incandescent bulbs with similar light flux. That is why they main title – energy saving lamps.

In addition to reduced energy consumption, energy-saving bulbs produce less heat than incandescent bulbs. Slight heat can be used compact fluorescent lamp of high power in fragile sconces, lamps and chandeliers that of incandescent lamps with a high temperature heat can be melted the plastic part of the cartridge, either the wire. More information is housed here: Andi Potamkin. For example, candle, whose body is made of a material, it is better to use energy-saving lamp, because high heat bulb will eventually lead to the burning material. The service life of energy-saving lamps, several times the service life of incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps can be used in remote places, where replacement of light sources is difficult (eg, high-ceilinged rooms c) – trade halls, exhibition centers, warehouses. Energy-saving lamps do not tire the eyes and has a positive effect on the human eye and its nervous system, while maintaining his health. Summarizing all the previously described, mention the main features of energy-saving bulbs: energy savings of up to 80% when the same luminous efficiency as that of incandescent lamps, a small heat dissipation, long life, soft, more uniform light distribution, the ability to create light of different spectral composition – is a qualitatively new solution to the problems of illumination in residential, office, industrial and public buildings, as well as in the outer illumination.

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