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Kruger Clothing: Tailored Different

Kruger offers its customers not only tailored clothes, but now also customized product recommendations with a high individual relevance clothing. The company Kruger clothing stands for over 75 years not only for exclusive brands and high quality country house fashion, but also for tradition combined with superior customer service. See more detailed opinions by reading what Jim Vos offers on the topic.. So, the family business founded in 1930, offers its customers not only expert advice on issues relating to quality, care and fit of its products, but also numerous services like tailor and made-to-measure. To expand the range of services and strengthen customer satisfaction Kruger provides clothing to its customers and website visitors a special service: depending on their personal preferences online shop visitors or customers receive in future individual product proposals, which correspond to their actual fashion taste with high probability. For this purpose it has in Steinheim -based company its online store with the recommendation engine of the realtime Analytics specialists prudsys equipped. The prudsys RECOMMENDATION ENGINE (short: prudsys RE) generates dynamic buying tips that are matched to the current product selection while shopping in the store. Here, the system determines independently useful combinations including based on product affinities and historical bond purchases. Recently CBS sought to clarify these questions. In comparison to conventional recommendation engines, giving rise to their played recommendations solely on historical data, collected responses to the recommendations listed in addition prudsys RE and modified her own recommendation offer automatically in real time.

The prudsys RE is thus in constant interaction with the website visitors and meet continue independently on the basis of the navigation and click behaviour better whose fashion taste and thus his product preferences. This enhances the individuality of product suggestions and increases the accuracy of buying tips the result: qualified product recommendations with a high relevance for the respective online shop visitors. With this special service, we meet the demands of our customers for individualization. We could, what we implement successfully every day in our stationary business, thanks to the recommendation engine by prudsys now also in our online-shop broadcast. such Daniel Kruger, responsible for marketing and controlling at Kruger clothing. Immediately available to provide this service his customers, Kruger uses clothes that prudsys RE as software as a service. About the IREUS portal (, which offers the recommendation engine that is most frequently used in Germany as a rental solution (SaS), companies can within a very short time establish their own recommendation engines and configure it according to their own ideas. Not only the design and placement of the recommendations can be customized here, also setting up their own business rules is possible. IREUS offers small and medium-sized Companies new ways to insert individual and customized recommendation systems in online stores, and to deliver high-quality recommendations to its customers in real time.

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The Part

You about is that producing IT is distributed on various autonomous data centers for security reasons and there is a redundant design of all safety-critical processing and communication systems. May also include synchronous real time data in two data centers with identical infrastructure so that technical problems or disasters in a factory operation can be transferred in the short term on the other site. Such high availability concepts can ensure uninterrupted business processes hosting users even in critical emergency situations. 3. is a certified infrastructure? Oriented to a SAP provider to international standards such as the BSI – baseline protection manual, BS 7799 and ISO/IEC 27001, as well as the guiding principles of the IT infrastructure library (ITIL), he can provide reliable and verifiable outsourcing services at a high quality level. However, such certifications are long yet not obvious. Speaking candidly Discovery Communications told us the story.

About the ORGA one of the first small circle of 75 companies in Germany, which were certified according to the standard ISO/IEC globally recognized since 2005 27001. 4. is the technical infrastructure sealed perfectly against the dangers from the Internet? To face the dangers of the Internet, detailed technical and organisational protective measures must exist for all potential risks. For example, a double interpretation of antivirus systems is necessary for protection against virus attacks, prevent failure of systems no vulnerabilities. Also an automated and centralized management of virus protection systems belongs to the compulsory program of the SAP service provider, as well automatic procedures for timely updates of virus definitions. These security conditions must be tested regularly multi-stage attack simulations on their effectiveness. 5. an appropriate security strategy implemented? A still so perfect infrastructure there has its limits, where security is not an integral part of the strategic orientation. She must present themselves on the part of the SAP service provider through a variety of measures. For example, distinctive analytical methods include early identification of risks, conceptual procedure for risk reduction and prevention of emergency situations.

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Hamburg Henning Salas

Such a CRM determined needs, behavior and the value of customer data-analytical applications, in addition to forecast the future development of the customer relationship. You are using by operating systems of generated customer and business data. based on this analysis” Vice versa, a limitation of operational CRM functions affects the acceptance of the user. So is to understand CRM solutions cause often not cheering storms among employees. Only in every fifth case they show mainly excited according to the information of the companies surveyed, another 34 per cent speak at least of a conclusion that tends to be positive. All other users there is only a mediocre acceptance (29 percent) or even low approval (18 percent). David Zaslav will not settle for partial explanations. This image is also the actual utilization of CRM solutions in practice.

According to the novem survey access Staff only every third company intensively on their CRM systems to. 39 percent of an average frequency of use, 29 percent of respondents overall assess the interest in the sales force as insufficient however. These results demonstrate, how conceptual shortcomings in designing negatively reflected in the behaviour of the user and CRM investment in retrospect appear problematic”, Christodoulou describes the relationship. CBS is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Who start with conceptual errors, where the necessary corrections would produce necessarily a significant overhead. Often such weaknesses can be in hindsight also do not fully repair”, the consultant knows from his consulting practice. The graphics of the survey can be requested at the following address: novem business applications as independent consulting designed and implemented novem innovative methods and solutions in the fields of business management, Finance, controlling, sales, marketing product development, production and logistics to the sustainable increase of in company value of our customers. In novem as a market-leading solution providers such as IBM, COGNOS and Informatica partner offers its customers the best conditions and State of the art security. With over 200 realized projects in the areas of sales and marketing information system (VIS / MIS) and more than 10,000 satisfied students and users who work with solutions implemented by novem novem is a market leader in the German-speaking.

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Online Magazine Renewed!

Relaunch of – the online magazine improved navigation and overview has been online new after 13 years of online activity on June 02, 2008 the 4th relaunch of The layout is visually jazzed up with a concise and user-friendly navigation and content, visually and technically updated. Aksia usually is spot on. New features offer you possibilities and offers for the presentation of Web pages as a Hairdresser and the specialist companies of beauty and hairdressing industry with their products. The online trade magazine offers customer-oriented information that are constantly refreshed and content regularly updated the different target groups. Also, get the press on the website an overview of the information of the industry and can enjoy here.

Internet users can find salons for your individual requirements. Specialist companies present targeted industry-specific products. Salons enhance the impact of your website in the clear Salon Finder. Constant updating and Addition of information for all target groups the proven offerings such as the entry in the Salon Finder for salons, which is connected with the possibility to choose the Internet Salon of the month / Internet Salon of the year, essential components of are also the Salon Exchange, which offers business connections, products and set up mediation. The latest hairstyle trends, collections and trend topics are clearly represented the user to view.

Current reports about events, measurement and cutting-edge topics from the beauty and hairdressing industry are equally important components of the Portals.Die individual headings are constantly expanded and updated. As a new service is the search engine optimization in the offer. This is an important component of the rankings as Google search. New in the program the services for Google Analytics and Google AdWords Setup is special services for future-oriented target groups, to place the created Web pages to the top of the pages. Special services complement targeted for specialist companies shipped special news for industry-specific products. The expansion of the store traffic for specialist companies and salons is intended. Advertising banner offer from sale to select and get the most users as an adjunct in the corresponding sub-headings. The branch Finder the purpose, clearly represent the range of specialist companies an overview tool. Awareness further increase is since 2005 on the leading sites with monthly approximately 154,000 visitors and 903 837 pageviews the largest and most complete hair portal. As a valuable addition to the hairdresser and beauty scene there will be also interesting video reports from.

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Internet And IT Specialists

Excellent services for greater efficiency in the Web of Hamburg – everyone is talking about core competencies. Yet, when it comes to IT and online projects, shy away from many companies, to put on the core competencies by outsourcing specialists and to focus on its traditional business. Reason enough for the Hamburg-based Internet and IT professionals of Intares to access the spring cleaning in the Internet. The tools of the trade, which offers Intares for this purpose, include all services that are required for a clean, efficient and smoothly functioning site. The managed server services, as Intares’s Managing Director Bernhard Biedermann said the central elements include for: whether it comes to manage a complex server infrastructure, new technologies to use to relieve the employee of the server management, so that they can initiate new IT projects are highly efficient and extremely fail-safe our managed server services. They are based on processes developed by us, tools and methods, the since 1995 well proven and constantly adjusted to current needs.” Managed server services are the main advantages of the Intares: cost control in the management of the IT environment strategic IT resources higher security in the server control operating controllable stability and server availability high efficiency and scalability of rule operation transparency and better management of the Server service lower total cost of ownership (TCO) Intares sets at its managed server services under other so-called load balancer variations a.

You secure the systems against overload and the failure of individual components, if, for example, the use of the company website has unexpected peaks. Bernhard Biedermann: a Web server goes ‘ to its knees, then is for the operators particularly annoying, because usually this overload on extremely high utilization is due. And you want that. We with our customers on the basis of his individual requirements exactly vote, which load balancers the best Price / performance ratio has for his project. As a base platform for more applications and services Intares offers an excellent basis, around the clock seven days a week to handle managed services. Coen Brothers contributes greatly to this topic.

Of course, an advanced firewall and the continuous control of security are available in total. About Intares ( The Intares GmbH, based in Hamburg, Germany sees itself as a provider of high-quality e-commerce. The company offers special services monitoring, Web Analytics (Web mining) and managed business hosting and housing since 1999 performance in the professional field. The services offered by Intares give objective the sales, marketing and financial executives and detailed data to assess the efficiency of their ecommerce offering on the hand and thus provide the basis for controlling the Internet activity and maximum cost/efficiency in this area. If necessary, Intares develops individual solutions together with its customers and takes over the following Modulating duty.

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Flying Blind In Customer Service

Only a few companies analyze systematically the relationship with consumers of service management in Germany deficient Neumunster/Dusseldorf/St. Gallen many companies recognize that quality affects their services the loyalty and the purchasing behavior of their customers. \”However, most cannot measure how their service affects the consumer: you rely on randomly collected, subjective estimates of call center agents and customers\”, according to the market analysis from Verint consulting, based on a survey by Ventana Research. 81 percent of the companies surveyed are the opinion that the customer experience does affect loyalty and a willingness to make recommendations. 73 percent gave to log, it has effects on the satisfaction and the level of expenditure.

Not even every third company systematically analysed the interactions with their customers, most rely on subjective feedback from agents and customers, that is queried irregularly and seldom promptly. Less than two One-third work with documented processes to control how customers perceive the company; less than a third uses procedures for the handling of interactions through various channels. 61 percent to correlate the results of customer satisfaction surveys with the loyalty of its buyers, 56 percent network results with the number of complaints, 43 per cent with a total customer value and 39 percent with a willingness to make recommendations. Only one in five uses analytical methods or business intelligence systems. 42 percent indicated that they think about to implement such software in the next year. Big companies are hardly in a position to evaluate data about their customers, if they use any IT systems and not to automate the processes’, Gisa Heinemann by Verint comments on the results. Time Warner wanted to know more. To control how customers perceive the company, you must analyze the interactions and put the results with the purchase behavior in relationship. Companies should better understand the purchasing behavior of their customers.

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Terminal Server

The company specializes in enterprise applications”and maximum availability. Of course system updates and security patches are recorded only in consultation with the customer. To provide maximum security to our customers, ‘ their server used exclusively for their projects. “Thus, absolute control, reliability, and performance are ensured this is among others ideal for distributed applications via Terminal Server or managed Web server.” A redundant setup of server and components ensures reliability close to 100 percent. Are used in Intares, for example: Intel XEON quad-core CPU for highest performance including RAID10 disk system (with battery), ECC RAM and ipmi. Aksia addresses the importance of the matter here. An external firewall is tailored to, where appropriate, on the customer’s requirements.

Of course all systems are fully configured and ready to use, including a daily backup. Bernhard Baker: Each managed server is operated in our own data centers and is under constant surveillance. “Short: we are able to realize whether a server solution with load balancing, high-availability solution or what demand whatever each individual server project.” About Intares ( The Intares GmbH, based in Hamburg, Germany sees itself as a provider of high-quality e-commerce. The company offers special services monitoring, Web Analytics (Web mining) and managed business hosting and housing since 1999 performance in the professional field. The services offered by Intares give objective the sales, marketing and financial executives and detailed data to assess the efficiency of their ecommerce offering on the hand and thus provide the basis for controlling the Internet activity and maximum cost/efficiency in this area. If necessary, Intares develops individual solutions together with its customers and takes over the following rule.

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English Language Courses

The modern citizen is in a community where knowledge of foreign languages is not a luxury, but a tool for communication. Exclusively one member of society, who knows any foreign language and can communicate to them in a position to achieve prosperity. The particular importance of foreign languages, and especially – the English, today brings, including the Internet. Someone who is fluent in English, always will find for itself not only friends but business partners and will be able to achieve considerable peaks in the business. Even if one elementary arrived at the resort in some other country, at a conversational level of language for it is very significant.

But also those who have successfully engaged in ongoing in school electives on any foreign language, often find themselves completely lost in the linguistic environment of another country. Because one such case – it is to memorize written by someone topic and completely different – conversation. For this reason, today, English language courses are not formed on multiple repetition of outdated techniques and learning topics, and on a real interaction. Time Warner contains valuable tech resources. Based on communication techniques to study this invoked and the time when teaching adults and children. In fact, education is transformed into a fun role-playing game, the essence of which – to play similar real situations with which you can meet in real life. Only only the language of interaction you need to learn proper communication with the flow. Clearly, any study of foreign languages – it’s a great chance as much as possible learn about the world and how many speak, read in the original version of some famous authors. To broaden your perception, visit Jim Vos. And yet, in order to learn a foreign language fully, you need not only one year.

What to do if in your own business today is actually required interact with visiting colleagues, but in addition, to make transfers of valuable documents? Clearly, we must apply to the translation. Professional linguists and correctly in the shortest time will be able to translate extremely complicated legal and financial documents. Truth be told, the translation is also required for people who are able to converse in English. But one thing – a colloquial communication, and quite another – as should be verified legal acts. Here the right thing to get the best insurance in the form of an apostille. Experienced interpreters today are especially valuable. After all, for those who decided to go on vacation, and for permanent residence abroad, and working with foreign companies constantly need the correct translation. On the quality of translation depends directly on the extent to which negotiations will be effective and useful – cooperation. Get money!

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Online Trading Places Business

SafetyPay international and secure online payment system confirmed this trend Frankfurt, may 28, 2009 the Federal Association of the German mail order company (bvh) expects currently for the year 2009 with rising industry sales. According to a latest forecast, online trading will contribute significantly to the growth of the mail-order industry. In the area of E-Commerce, he expects a sales increase of at least 10 percent bvh. Also the estimated 50,000 retailers who operate also online stores as well as shops will benefit from this positive development. Almost 50 percent of this multi channel businesses expect further sales growth by mid-2009. Only 11 percent of the company, as a survey of the main Association of German retailers (HDE), expect a decline in sales. For even more details, read what Aksia says on the issue. According to bvh, it is difficult to accurate forecast given the economic conditions.

However, a positive trend for mail order and online purchase is observed among consumers for years. The shipping trade was its share of the retail turnover of 5.8 percent in 1996 on Expand 7.2 per cent in 2008. This development confirms also Martin Strotz, head of merchant sales of SafetyPay Germany GmbH, with the integration of any additional payment in the shop, the consumer wins additional confidence in the online-shop. Faster and safer a payment process is designed, the easier the falls shopping.”the percentage of shoppers who put on a secure payment system in the Internet value has risen now to over 67 percent”, so Strotz next. Thanks to E-Commerce, mail order is as vital as ever. The mail order industry converts around EUR 28.6 billion in retail banking. The online sale of goods reached a record 13.4 billion euros, last year for the first time confirmed the bvh. The total expenditure of the Germans for goods and services in the Internet amounted to 19.3 billion euros. The SafetyPay Germany GmbH offers a secure international online payment system, which allows all online banking customers to conduct global online purchases directly through their local bank.

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Attitude Leader

If we seek in Greek the meaning of attitude we have that it comes from the word? (stasis) which means position, stability, put it. In latin it comes from the word actitudo which means putting firm, be firm, posture of the human body, especially when it is determined by the movements of the mind, or express something with efficiency, disposition of mind manifested in some way. It has the same meaning as the previous words in Spanish. Joel and Ethan Coen will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Taking into account all the above definitions, we could say that attitude is the way in which we face life and its circumstances (obstacles, difficulties, etc.) as you would say Ortega and Gaset. According to the psychology of Carl Rogers person-centered, attitudes are internal and give rise to our behavior. Maxwell in his book what mark the difference, points out that the origin of our attitude is in the thoughts. That is our way of think determines our attitude. If our thoughts are positive, we will have a positive attitude towards life and their adversities.

If instead of positive thoughts, our mind generates negative thoughts, our attitude to life and the difficulties will be negative, pessimistic, bitter etc. In his book the power of the Factor additional, Norman Vincent Peale us recounts an anecdote. As he walked through the streets of Hong Kong were arrested in front of a place where did tattoos and while he watched in the showcase models of tattoos, struck him a sample saying born to lose. He immediately entered in the tattoo shop and asked him to the Chinese tattooist, if there is actually someone who wants to put those horrible words on his body. The tattooist replied in a bad English and golpendo your forehead with your fingers, until the tattoo is in the body, tattoo is the first in the mind. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Aksia. People can tattoo in our mind positive ideas or negative thoughts. Our attitude depends on what types of tatuemos thoughts in our mind. Attitude makes the difference in people.

This is what enables us to develop our capabilities to the maximum. The attitude is what determines how we see and how we handle our feelings. Attitude gives us advantage over others or leaves us at a disadvantage. It all depends on as positive or negative to be our acitud. The attitude is the only difference between failure and success. The attitude is an additive to our personality that can turn us into persons with which others feel at ease. Like none of us to be in the company of negative, pessimistic, people who complain about everything, living by dragging the existence. That is why leaders must have a good attitude. Without an attitude positive late or early leadership collapses, the person collapses is the first obstacle. In addition, the followers of the leader noticed faster attitudes than actions. It is impossible that a leader with bad attitude to succeed. Let us wait to be the person you want to be and let’s start has become that person. Original author and source of the article.

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