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Paseo Marketing Closes Q1 2012 Successfully From

The Karlsruhe online marketing agency Paseo Marketing GmbH can look back on a promising and successful first quarter of 2012. The Karlsruhe online marketing agency Paseo Marketing GmbH can look back on a promising and successful first quarter of 2012. Specializing in the areas of search engine marketing and search engine optimization, social media marketing, and monitoring social media could be gained not only new customers, three new employees are now among the two teams in Karlsruhe and Berlin. “We continue to strategically and surgically enhanced, focus our gaze in addition on our Swiss neighbours and continuously work on optimizing our processes,” explains managing director Soren Munk the current focus of his agency. A special area, which now will be spun off this spring as its own Department and further professionalized, is monitoring social media. Many companies are now present in social media – field, most of them operate this presence However with a long-term strategy and on the basis of data gathered. Monitoring provides various ways to determine who is where, how and how much about a brand, company or product. Just considering the regular collection of this data, prior to project start and also at the same time, it is possible to adapt accordingly changes to detect effects and trends and communication, brand management may also.

It is therefore absolutely necessary, in the future not without at least an initial monitoring in strategic and operational planning of social media projects. The highly successful visit of trade fair was another milestone in Paseo performance 2012 Swiss online marketing mid March in Zurich. Over 60 qualified conversations with prospects and customers, including the Swiss Migros cooperative or Lavazza, and its equivalent concrete design will form the basis for a further branch of the Karlsruhe Agency in the Switzerland. “What we are very positive as regards our work at our Swiss neighbours.” confirms Munk. “The market is not as big as the Germans and the topic of online marketing is here yet not so far advanced.

Many, even large companies, only begin to deal with the possibilities of the Internet marketing and all its facets and to develop business strategies. We can now soon be as strong and experienced partner to the point and give the Swiss business success models to the hand.” The Agency employs the subject of education: since March, the team is reinforced by a BA student, which will complement their studies in the field of marketing and PR by the joining of Paseo. In addition, accompany and support the experts two students in their work. Connect with other leaders such as Randall Mays here. “Overall we look absolutely positively on this first quarter”, so Munk, “we have varied and interesting projects, can present good results with industry leaders like our customers of Snipes, develop our” Steadily more range and our expertise and our status as agency supervised by Facebook, say the volume of advertising on Facebook, according to confirm. The teams at all sites grow, we have more new interesting projects in the House, so we can be an interesting strategic interlocutor for synergies of among our customers. There is a lot of work, not least by developing your own Facebook shops and the concomitant consolidation of Facebook Commerce range, and we are well prepared.”

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