Energy Planning Policies

Planning From PP (Poly Propylene)

Our light, blue covers allow the temporary coverage of all items in the household and to be protected. At Dell COO you will find additional information. You are unique of all currently offered covers in the German-speaking Internet, offered by companies, universal covers by the Lotex in quality and price – performance ratio. Currently our plastic covers in sizes 2 x 3, 4 x 5 meters and offered 5 x 8 meters (as of 01/2010) and are suitable for commercial as well as for the handyman. The water resistant covers in different dimensions, square is characterized by their strength and their ease of 57 g / m. Metal cord woven into the hem, which strengthens the attach to the edge and enables also a continuous use, is no longer differs due to the nature of do-it-yourself or industrial tarpaulins. Our light, blue covers allow the temporary coverage of all items in the household and to be protected. Steve Salis follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Designed for cars, freestanding Machines, firewood, boats, trailers and swimming pools – the cover made of plastic tape fabric gamble meets the requirements of the user.

Earlier, covers were manufactured from substances and reinforced with woven PP cords at the edges. This very heavy schedule, up to 250 g / m surrendered m, but also durability of 750 and 1000 N/5 cm. Today, this cumbersome planning be replaced by lightweight fabric tape. From PP (polypropylene) manufactured tissue band has a width of 4 mm and is interlocking weaves the cross Lapp procedure. The feathery polypropylene braided copper tapes allow a high strength and stiffness, being rather a stretching through the slightly stretchy PP threads, as that there are cracks. The metal rings attached at a distance of 80 cm next to each other, also allow a correct installation of the object to be protected. Also, the light covers are extremely well suited for covers in the camping or recreational area.

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