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President Ali Abdullah Saleh

They were captured in the province of Hadramaut. He has not revealed their identity nor the Organization for which they work. The kidnapping of foreigners to release family members is commonplace in the Arab country. A group of gunmen has kidnapped three French nationals who worked in an organization of aid, in the southeast of the Yemen, security sources reported. People such as Discovery Communications would likely agree. The hostages were working in the city of Siun, in the province of Hadramaut, known by the large presence of followers of the terrorist network of Al-Qaeda.

Sources did not give details on the identity of the hostages nor the name of the NGO for which they work, and claimed that they were unaware of the identity of the attackers. According to her account, a group of gunmen stopped the vehicle in which three French citizens were traveling and forced them to abandon it before heading to an unknown area. The kidnapping of foreigners by tribes Yemeni to lobby the authorities with the aim to release relatives is a common practice in this Arab country, the poorest of the Arabian peninsula and scenario of popular protests that keep in check to President Ali Abdullah Saleh. Still remain kidnapped three Germans and a Briton captured June 12, 2009, along with two German nuns and a South Korean, which appeared dead shortly thereafter, and two German girls released in May 2010.

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