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Queen Black

Theoretical Referencial According to D? Agostini (1979), the chess must teaches first to the beginning one for the explanation of the game, meant of each part and what as each part it must be play, beyond as it initiates the game, as are chosen the players for each part and the side that must be played, thus remembering the main part of the game is the King, in which it will have been captured finishes the game therefore is made xeque-kills, thus to the side of the King the Queen exists who if will be of the player white it if she finds in the White House and if she will be Queen Black if she will find in the house black color, thus the sides of them it has in the protection the bishops, in which each bishop can play only in a color of the tray, as example bishop of the house white it will only play in the Whites House, and the black bishop will only play in black houses, that is, they had only played in diagonal line, as well as aid of the bishops they possess the horses that are only the parts that pass over the others, thus the horse play in format of L, and in the first row in which they meet in the tips of the tray they are the towers, thus the towers only play straight-line in such a way in the vertical line how much in the horizontal line, finally it is important also in the game comes the laborers that they are eight in which if they find in the line of front and the second line of the game, in which the laborers who to obtain to cross the tray could less be modified for any part of the game the King thus for logic, therefore after the knowledge of the parts, can themselves be taught the main plays of the basic game as roque that it is the exchange of the King with the Tower in which can only carried through when it will not have risk of attack to these parts, beyond this can yourself thus be taught the Impassante Taking that is when the laborer if finds in 5 house of the tray, being able to make elimination of a laborer who if finds the front of it, that is, captures to its attack, is this can be taught that never it can place the Queen in the front of the King therefore after it is the part most important therefore puts into motion for all the places, to thus it front it of the King runs certain enemy threat to capture it with easiness, other basic rules affirms that also in it can if to touch in you vary parts thus either, a touched part must be a part play, that is, it must if think very well before touching the part and making the play, after this will be able to initiate a presentation departure of the game of chess for the learning.

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