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Rockstar energy drink is title sponsor of the spectacular 15-kilometer fun Marathon Bad Kissingen, Germany, November 5, 2009 “Bigger, better, faster, stronger” – the motto of Rockstar energy drink fits perfectly to the Rheinruhrfreizeit 2010: just who proves a greater courage, has better stamina, faster through the obstacle course and shows a stronger will to win as all other runners, can win sports event on March 13, 2010 the fun. With the Rockstar energy drink in the Starter Pack and the “pit stop”, that are placed on the track of the fun Marathon, participants of the hell run can refuel the necessary power, maximum three hours with a total of 24 barriers to make the 15-kilometer route, of them about courage, strength, require stamina and endurance. Who does an obstacle, is tough, but no Braveheart and is disqualified. The most spectacular obstacle that demands all the participants shortly after the start and once directly before the finish, is the title sponsor donated Rockstar brave wall. Her who has what it takes to be a real Braveheart, and who has enough power to the end shows right at the beginning, that he overcomes this infernal barrier once again. Latecomers to the target, is also tough, but Braveheart will not be listed on the results list as official. Celebrate but can all together: after the ceremony it is far into the night “party like a rock star!” at the end of battle party. Registration and prices Rockstar Rheinruhrfreizeit 2010: the entry fee for the rock star Rheinruhrfreizeit 2010 is 54 euros including Starter Pack and T-Shirt.

Groups of five participants will receive a discount of 10% on the registration fee. The venue is Munnerstadt in Lower Franconia. The registration period runs until January 3, 2010, information and the registration form can find potential Rockstars and bravehearts here: about Rockstar energy drink: bigger, better, faster, stronger: rock star is the best energy drink in the world. Improved with the effective herbal Blend of Guarana, Ginkgo and ginseng. Rockstar is scientifically established, to create an incredible energy boost for those, the a vigorous and strenuous way of life lead by the athletes up to the rock star. Rockstar energy drink comes in the varieties of “Original”, “Punched – Apple”, “Juiced – Mango”, “energy Coke” and “Punched – Guava”. The drink is sold in many gas stations and convenience stores, food markets, the sporting goods retailer and scene shops. Sources and more information are available under available. Joachim von Hippel

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