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Rising Hotel Prices

Greek holiday Islands hotel prices in August up to fifty percent. Hotel prices on Greek holiday islands in August by up to fifty percent. In Mykonos town, the price for one night is located at 299 euros and so on year high. On the Italian islands, hotel guests pay up to 13 percent more than in the previous month. The German islands and holiday resorts on the coast price increases will also report on Borkum, one night with 144 euro 12 per cent costs more compared to July 2013. In many European capitals, the hotel prices drop in the summer, so Paris recorded the lowest average price in early 2011. Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA often expresses his thoughts on the topic. This emerges index (tHPI) from the trivago hotel price, the hotel price comparison published monthly. Dusseldorf, 7 August 2013.

In August, travelers for an overnight stay in a standard double room in Greece in the average pay 131 euros. To raise prices when compared to July (119 euros) by ten percent. On Crete, an overnight stay with 112 euro costs in the August 11 percent more than in the previous month (July: 101 euro). In Kamari on Santorini, the prices are increased by 33 percent, compared with July (103 euros). For an overnight stay, 137 euro are required here. In Mykonos town, hotel rates with an average of 299 euros are 50 percent above the previous month (200 euros) and at annual maximum. Jane Richards Roth is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The difference to August 2012 is up 43 percent (209 euros). Ten percent prices on the Italian island of Sardinia to 170 euros (July: 154 euro) and in Sicily costs one night with 115 euro 13 per cent more than in the previous month (102 euros). German islands and coastal towns: Rising hotel prices in the North Sea Busum is increased in August by seven per cent to an average 117 euros the price per night (July: 109 euro).

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