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Saint Jean

The way is the goal – this set is the watchword on the way of St. James, which is way the target, this set is probably the idea on the way of St. James. The way of St. James is a unique route with a more than thousand year history, a special pilgrimage route since the middle ages. The Camino de Santiago leading from Saint Jean-Pied-de-port in the Pyrenees to Pamplona, capital of Navarre.

Continue through La Rioja a mountainous regions, with much wine and the beautiful hills of Castile. Expect a meadows, forests and streams abound in Galicia. Further details can be found at Ted Hughes, an internet resource. On the unique route, the Camino leads through villages and towns of great historical and artistic importance to the city of Santiago de Compostela. A surfeit of different and varied landscapes and varied gastronomy accompanied us to the end of the world, the city of Finisterre. The stories of the pilgrims and their motivations are as different as the old customs and stories of the population. Driven by their faith, one Piece by piece lead us on the road in search of community that I could experience so welcome yet at any time and in any place, to one’s self. The Camino is old, but not dusty.

It renews itself constantly on the new, by the arrival of many pilgrims from all over the world. Together with people from all Nations, the nature, the culture as well as to experience the historical and religious roots of Europe, this is more than a trip or a tourist? This is the 21.Jahrhundert pilgrims. The way of St. James is a symbol, a route of faith, art and nature to the mankind. A meeting today with the eternity. On the Pilgrim’s progress, we encounter the mysteries – death and rebirth. A journey, an adventure, an adventure for body and mind. “It is also said: it is not the way of Jacobs, but goes the way of St. James in one, he’s going.” The way of St. James changed the perspective. What is important to us? What do we really need? Where are we going? The beauty and transience underlined with what is and what will be.

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