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New energy monitor informed about power consumption of new energy monitor zieNu BASE, the Dutch provider now presented oohIsee b.v. for the German market, offers at any time the overview of current power consumption in household or company. The device that can be connected without professional help at a standard meter, reads the data using an optical sensor and indicates the power consumption in Watts in his display. The device works with any electronic or electro-mechanical electricity meters and calculates the current power consumption from the data. This is the end user always informed and can break ground on this basis, to reduce the power consumption and thus to protect the environment. In the best case, unnecessary devices be turned off or put into standby mode. The concomitant decline of the energy required can be immediately reflected in the display.

zieNu BASE consumes even less than 0.03 Watts. The device, which for larger customers in any color and with your own company logo is available, suitable as an incentive to save electricity in the household as well as give-away as a bonus gift to loyal customers. The retail price is 89 euros including VAT. Better energy awareness helps reduce energy consumption the zieNu concept aims at a better energy awareness. Knowledge about the current consumption is the first step towards a lower consumption. BASE zieNu with the energy monitor, it is possible to directly experience the energy savings by turning off such a device in standby mode or a lamp. At the same time, zieNu shows the benefits that can be achieved through the change of habits: the protection of our planet and at the same time a possibly much smaller Bill by the electricity supplier. Roberto DiCianno

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