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Bucker GmbH and Fraunhofer eats SAP and Scheer, Intalio put review of BPM tool suites with portal integration of IBM – WebSphere, IDS / Liferay before. Dusseldorf/Dortmund. Already, the Charles Darwin born 200 years ago, knew how important it is for survival itself as efficiently as possible new frameworks can adapt to. But what does this principle for companies and their IT in the crisis year 2009? They need so-called business process management suites (BPMS short), with whose help they plan their processes, control, monitor and improve can. The Fraunhofer Institut fur Software – und Systemtechnik eats has three suites, which were compiled from the offerings of five providers compared now on behalf of Bucker GmbH in Dusseldorf in a detailed study quality. The study is now available in the trade.

Currently, there are more than 150 providers of business-process-management solutions. Since the selection is difficult. The Fraunhofer eats three who on behalf of Bucker five BPM vendors, Suites were combined, examined in detail. Here, emphasis was placed on that tool suites include also portals, Web-based support within the manual activities of business processes. In-depth market analysis the selection fell on the one on the IBM WebSphere tool suite, on the other hand a commercial tool suite from SAP and IDS Scheer and third on a free tool suite from the offerings from Intalio and Liferay. The market in terms of BPM is still not consolidated and is currently in a dynamic development\”, says Dr. Ulrich Springer, in whose Department the study was drawn up. The in-depth qualitative analysis and evaluation of the three tool suites, compiled by us concrete insight into the current state of the art and lit their current opportunities and issues in detail.\” Approximately 580 single criteria examined the performance of selected significant, resilient, and technically well-founded to assess platforms, were detailed evaluation criteria defined and carried out appropriate tests of for each product on this basis.

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