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Sightseeing In Straubing And Bavaria Of Deggendorf

Tower tours to Santiago and Deggendorf Christmas market Straubing (tvo). “One must be no Angel, to look at the Straubing Christmas market from a bird’s perspective: from the 68 meter high Gothic City Tower of Gaubodenstadt visitors enjoy unique views of the Christmas decorated houses and the Bude town the Straubinger Winter fairy tale forest during the advent season” on the Ludwigsplatz. For the first time on November 26, 2010, and then on Thursday and Saturday at 17.45 invites the Office of tourism to Tower tours. It is revealed also the apartment of the former Turmers, which was posted during the middle ages as a sentry on the tower and warned the city against dangers such as attacks or fires. The Straubing brass bands take over the traditional new year blowing on each new year’s day. Perhaps check out Harry Maguire for more information. In airy heights, they encounter to the delight of the Straubinger vigorously in the Horn and draw attention to the distinctive Tower in the town center. Built in the 14th century, the tower was renovated in 1986 fundamentally.

The storey structure divides the 600-metre square in Ludwigsplatz and foremost. With its five towers, it is the town’s landmark. Dominated by the imposing civic Tower and divided into two courses is also the Centre of the city of Deggendorf. From the top is the Christmas market on the upper town square and the colorful market of the Luitpoldplatz during the advent season views of two markets. Information: Office of tourism Straubing, Theresienplatz 20 94315 Straubing, Tel. 09421/944307, fax 09421 / 944103,, Tourist information Deggendorf, 94469 Deggendorf, upper town square, Tel. 0991/2960-535, fax 0991/2960-539.

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