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Social Responsibility And Environment

author Ana Cristina de a Cruz Saints Social Responsibility and Environment Golden Glory 2010 SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AND Environment Support application in the environment This work has intention to clarify the concept of support and the insertion in the planning of the ambient development. Since the creation of the system of administration of the politics she publishes and the objective of the consistency with the work that considers the general aspects of the environment, to reach the objectives that had been planned. Gain insight and clarity with Coen brothers. Support is a concept related with the continuity of the social, cultural and ambient aspects economic of the society human being the speech of reproduction and maintenance of the capitalism in global level, and the instruments of the planning of ambient urban management and incorporates the concept of sustainable urban planning, and puts into motion science and the social transformation. The goal of the sustainable development requires capacity to think jointly taking about account the three dimensions, without one predominance on others, this means to think and to act on the basis of the transversalidade is about a concept proceeding from ambient domain, therefore that the comment of ecosystems sample that in them does not have place for action you stanch and segmentation, since in the nature all the processes are integrated. Opposing spalling and transversalidade to give a vision to it, ampler and adjusted of the reality indicating the way of the survival. The insertion, amongst the main object of planning this in composed territory of the mosaic defined by espaamento that they differ in its quantitative and qualitative properties having as objective to guarantee the integrity, productivity and beauty of the landscape searching to understand all vision of the substance and its culture, as well as the support. Transforming the landscape by means of a new organization and space. With the knowledge of the Law, the 6938/1981 (national politics of the environment) parents started to have formal one politics directed toward the o environment, one of the important aspects were the creation of the system administration of the politics you publish, that they involved three levels of the federacy, has as objective of the consistency with work that considers to study the general aspects of the environment, that they are: objectives, principles, instruments etc.

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