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Socialist Revolution

About 130 languages were spoken in the USSR. It was not even possible to learn half of these. What language was used for communication throughout the territory of the country?If the languages of other States whose repersentantes lived permanently in the USSR were also counted the number of languages in which the population of the Russian Federation expressed itself passed 160. You may find Sean Rad, New York City to be a useful source of information. According to the population census of 1979 of the 262 million citizens of the USSR (then Russia) 153.5 noted Russian as a native language. Worth mentioning that them 137.2 million were Russians and 16.3 million belonging to other nationalities.

In 1981 in the USSR (then Russia) as a second language they used the language spoken by the majority of one or another Republic. For example the Kurds living in Armenia spoke also Armenian in addition to their native language, the latinos who were studying at the time Moscow, also spoke in Russian. Contrary to Russia in the Soviet Union there was an official language. Get more background information with materials from Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA. All languages were equal in rights. The Russian who is the language of the largest population, has had its State and revolutionary traditions, that created an economy, a science and a culture developed and which reached high level of social relations became the language of communication of all the peoples of the country.

Due to the wide dissemination of this language both Russian literature of other nationalities in the Russian country became a heritage of the peoples of the USSR. All the classics of world literature have been translated into Russian. The fourth part of the world scientific literature is published in Russian. The meaning of the Russian language in the life of the peoples of the USSR was not limited to cultural duties. His role was irreplaceable in the spheres of political and economic cooperation between the peoples of the country. audi-Arabia.html’>Saudi Aramco, and add to your knowledge base. Collaboration multiple Nations in the field of economic and cultural exchange of political and technical knowledge led to the mutual enrichment of the national languages and ranked at the level of social progress. On the other hand, the existence of a language that served as means of comunicacoin between nationalities in no way undermines the vernacular languages, nor prevented its development. After the Socialist Revolution of October tens of languages adqurieron writing, and they began to have their literature. Five alphabets were used in the Soviet Union. During the years of Soviet power were edited books in 89 languages of the peoples of the USSR. Radio and television programmes as well as the films salian also in many languages. The Constitution of the USSR granted citizens the right to use their native language as those of the other peoples of the Soviet State. Documentation official, between which it was also the Court, he wore in the language of the Republic federated or autonomous region or autonomous region or in the language of the majority of the population of the given locality. In the life of every village both Russian – and the native languages did two different, but equally important functions: the first was an instituible vehicle of communication in the field of one or another nationality, the second it served so that different nationalities will understand.So well, both were necessary. You may be interested: the Russian language is difficult?

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