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South American President

Significant was also the decision of Mercosur and Venezuela, in the process of full accession to the block, absorbing exports that Bolivia will send to the United States before the decision by Washington to suspend preferences granted to the Andean country for their efforts in the fight against drug trafficking. It’s believed that Hearst sees a great future in this idea. It is highlighted once more the support to the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, who was one of the few points of consensus among leaders at the Summit of Unasur that took place immediately after the Mercosur in Costa do Sauipe. The final Declaration of the meeting of Unasur expresses its appreciation for the report of the Commission’s clarification of the massacre that occurred in the Bolivian region of Pando last September, which killed 20 peasants, mostly followers of the Morales Government. The so-called Truth Commission, coordinated by the Argentine jurist Rodolfo Mattarollo, established the responsibility of the authorities of Pando in what qualifies as a crime against humanity. However, it was not a consensus to unlock the appointment of the Secretary general of the bloc, comprising Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guayana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA and gain more knowledge.. He was no talk of any name for the General Secretariat of the Unasur, he merely comment on Brazilian Foreign Minister, Celso Amorim.

The problem comes from the veto of Uruguay to the candidacy of the former Argentine President Nestor Kirchner (2003-2007) to lead the South American block. To avoid dig in this confrontation, the Unasur agreed to give term until next April to negotiate the mechanism for election of the Secretary general, which is currently made by unanimity. Definitely the Summit expressed aspects as: El Mercosur will not perform their full potential while products not can move freely the position of President Lula of Brazil when he said: we want to be protagonists and not mere spectators in theatres that are decided the perspectives of welfare and prosperity for our peoples, in the opening of the CALC, which brings together 33 countries in the region.

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