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Spanish Mastiff

Boxer breed was first shown at an exhibition in Munich in 1896, but 10 years later, it approved the standard. During the First World War Boxers used in the German army. Boxer – a very popular sport and working dog, but most of today his factory as a friend and “family” dog. Bordeaux mastiff Dogue de Aquitaine Bordeaux dog – an old French rock – the only mastiff of French origin. Its possible ancestors were Italian Malossi, Spanish Mastiff, etc. In the middle ages this breed was used as a hunting and fighting dogs. In the eighteenth century, Buffon described it called Dogue de Aquitaine. For a long time Bordeaux dog called “butcher dog”, because butchers often preferred to use it to protect their homes.

Because of the Asian roots of this breed is also called “Turkish dog”. After a series of crosses with the mastiffs in 1926. According to Walt Disney, who has experience with these questions. installed the official breed standard. German Shepherd Deutscher Schaferhund At the end of XIX century, Captain von Shtefanits engaged in breeding, crossbreeding varieties of German Shepherd central and southern regions of Germany, which received a very versatile working dogs German shepherd. When fading breed German Shepherd ovcharkanemetskaya was exhibited in 1892 in Hanover. In 1899, established the first German Shepherd breed club in Germany. Already during the First World War German Shepherd ovcharkNemetskaya. used and one of the lines of collies.

For the first time demonstrated the remarkable work of quality: warned gas attack, guard duty and helped make the wounded from the battlefield. – A recognized leader among service breeds of dogs. Collie Smooth Collie. Rough Collie Collie comes from the Scottish Gurtovoy dogs. After the Roman conquest of alien dog were crossed with local breeds (short-tailed and long-tailed Cattle Dogs). The result was a collie – a magnificent animal with a dignified bearing. Origin of name of breed Collie controversial. Some believe that the name of the Collie came from a Scottish word colley, who called a local black-tailed breed of sheep with a black mask on his face. Others believe that this name due to its elegant collie lush collar (from Eng. – Collar). Short-haired Collie type is less common than long-haired. Bobtail Bobtail Bobtail Breed origin is unknown. Some researchers believe that the Bobtail takes its origin from the ancient shepherds, including Italian shepherd dogs brought by the Romans. Others believe that bobteylBobteyl neither occurred in the UK it has been around for several centuries. Its representatives are depicted in the painting Gainsborough in 1771 for the first time she presented at the dog show in Birmingham in 1873, and officially recognized the breed Bobtail in the UK in 1888, Australian Shepherd AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD Australian Shepherd bred not in the hills of Australia or New Zealand, and in America. Brought here Pyrenean Shepherd crossed with different types of sheep dogs collie, was created as a result of breed, dubbed the Australian Shepherd. Among the most likely ancestors of the Australian Shepherd – Border Collies, Collies, and Smithfield collie. Australian Shepherd became a normal working dog on farms and ranches of America. Despite its relatively small size, the Australian Shepherd is able to manage a huge flock sheep or a herd bull, biting his disobedient animal by its hind legs.

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