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? Impact crusher (crusher impact) can effectively handle the material having a large amount of moisture, which can prevent clogging crusher. When dealing with the materials having excessive moisture, impact crusher s feed Speedball and counterattack board can be equipped with a heating device to prevent the adhesion of the material. Impact crusher is not required to be equipped with the bottom screen, it can effectively prevent clogging. Hammer crusher can not prevent the bonding of materials by heating, and shall be equipped with the bottom screen, this increase the possibility of clogging. Impact crusher is applicable to both soft materials and materials hardness.

The plate hammer is firmly fixed on the rotor by the mechanical clamping structure, when it moves with the rotor rotates, a great moment of inertia is produced. Comparing to the hammer crusher (hammer was hanging), impact crusher rotor have greater momentum, and suitable for crushing materials harder, at the same time, the energy consumption is lower. Convenient and flexible adjustment to the crusher discharge size, wide range of adjustment. Impact Crusher can adjust the particle size through a variety of ways, such as regulate the rotor speed, adjust the counter plate and the grinding chamber gap. The gap adjustment can be adjusted by mechanical or hydraulic type, hydraulic adjustment system can easily complete the adjustment of the gap through local operating button or fortune control system. While the hammer crusher discharge size can only be achieved by replacing the bottom screen(comparing to the impact crusher?but not cone crusher) regulating.

Impact crusher (impact crusher) wearing parts wear rate is smaller than hammer crusher, the metal utilization is higher. Impact crusher hammer wear area only appears on the looking accessories board side. When the rotor speed is normal, feed plate hammer will fall on the surface (attack area), the plate hammer back and sides are not to be worn. Even the looking material side wear very little. And the bottom of the grinding rod is also very easy to replace.the metal utilization rate of impact crusher board hammer can be as high as 45% – 48%. While the hammer of the hammer crusher was hanging, wear and tear occurs in the upper, front, rear and side, comparing to the plate hammer, hammer wear more serious, hammer metal utilization is only about 25%. And the rotor body itself may also be subject to wear. Hammer crusher wear seriously affected, and the replace work of sieve is also more complicated. Impact crusher spare parts are easy to replace, and the maintenance costs is reduced. Crusher rotor is only installed six plate hammer, using the HAZEMAG company provided special tools, we can easily replace the board hammer, replace board hammer just need one shift time. The bottom of the grinding chamber grinding rod replacement requires only ten minutes, which can greatly reduce the time and cost of repair and maintenance.

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