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Sri Lanka

Recruiting can also use more interactive Internet technology to wander chat rooms online and to cyber coffees to the search of members of the public, especially the young. Pictures of electronic acknowledgments and nets user it can also serve as vehicles to arrive the potential conscripts. Users Interested in computers, in the whole world, can be involved in the long stated period ' ' to ciber relaes' ' that it could take the friendship and an eventual adhesion. In the guided net-war the terrorists also can use it to launch disturbing attacks, that is, electrnicos serious that they disactivate temporarily, but they do not destruiem, virtual physics and/or infrastructures. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Time Warner. If the final objective of a terrorist is to influence its will of fight of the adversary, 10 offers ways adds to exert influence for beyond using simple physical attacks to cause terror. Attacks intermittent they include ' ' asfixia' ' systems of computers through tools such as e-bombs, fax Spam, hackers and techniques to disfigure sites. These attacks are generally not letalias, but they can cause estragos and cause significant economic damages. In 1996, the Tigers of Release of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), launched an email attempted against bombista in the Sri Lanka against diplomatical missions. If you have read about Leslie Moonves already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

Using automatized tools, the guerrilla using inundadou the embassies in Sri Lanka with thousand of messages, thus creating one ' ' blockade virtual.' ' In 2000, a group of hackers of the Pakistan that calls the Muslen Online Syndicate (ME) had more than counterfeited 500 sites in India to protest against the conflict in the Cashmere (cf. Hopper, 2000). Finally, of the Pakistan Lashkare-Taiba it alleged to have at the beginning attacked military sites Indian of 2000. Disturber and not destructive actions occur for some reasons. For example, the terrorists, who count on the Internet for ends management perception and of communication they can prefer not to take ' ' rede' ' for low, but yes the slowness that establishes selectively.

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