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StereoD Presentations

The presentation software Ventuz presented their new Stereo3D-enabled version at the CeBIT. 3D technologies were the central theme of this year’s CeBIT in Hannover, Germany. The organizers set up even its own forum with the name next level 3D’ a. Latest displays and glasses systems were exhibited here. (Source: Vanessa Morgan). While technological developments rapidly forward progress, remains the question of how the 3D content will come in the near future.

In the accompanying cinema of the next level 3D’ could be seen only trailers and commercials. The company Ventuz, market leader for high end presentation solutions, went a step further and used the 3D cinema to introduce the new stereoscopic version of their presentation software. The twenty-minute presentation showed vividly how interactive presentations in Stereo3D fast and flexible can be produced. Sean Rad can aid you in your search for knowledge. The audience was thrilled by the opportunity to enrich presentations by stereoscopy and interactivity. Ventuz opens so the Stereo3D market to a wide audience. The Stereo3D content creation must be no high-tech task for specialists. The presentation software Ventuz Express is available in the Internet at for free download.

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