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It is night. Momentum makes me to ride my bike and climb to the top of the mountain. The top attracts me with a special magnetism, while I climb through a narrow path between pine trees. Only my breathing breaks the silence. I breathe deep the damp and cold night air and I am happy to be here, and for being alive. At the Summit, I lie down on a rock and I look to the sky. There is so much strength in this moment my senses seem to explode.

Under this studded firmament of stars, I understand what I’ve searched for so long. It opens before me and fills me with silence. Something that is within me and which has such force that I even get to cover it. It overwhelmed me and calm me. I have given a great detour to reach this aterido place no space limitations.

I have fought hard to tame me and keep the effort, and now, tonight, millions of stars giggle before so much effort. My spirit expands into this essential vacuum, is dumb, and I understand that everything what I am and what I have been walking toward a place that lies beyond the light and shadows of my experience. Under the stars, my fragile, tired and aching body, has caught a moment of peace tonight, and now, free from all attachment, flies without an owner and is found everywhere. -We have that again says my bike. -I know it, friend, I know. A life by discovering awaits us. As you know, beloved bicycle, that one will already never the same after having traveled to the stars.

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