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Sushi Restaurants

SAO TAO When the sushi bar SAO TAO appeared on the street Red, I noticed it right away, as passed by the daily work. Read the reviews in the internet and was surprised. How so? Restaurant new and reviewed once the bad? .. This can not be! In the next Saturday, I went to check … I guess I was lucky, but all five times I visited, I liked it. And the service and cuisine, and price.

And then all of a substitution! .. Kitchen: Large portions at good quality raw materials. But over time, the person decrease the "exit". Although products such as all the same order. Very good hot food, especially noodles or rice with meat, chicken, vegetables.

But! I love Japanese soups, and so it always took the same soup, "Udon. As part of Salmon has always been a fish (a pretty big piece), a pair of shrimp, seaweed, noodles. And one day I prinosli soup with scraps and remnants of the salmon rolls! It was somehow too. My question – "What is it?" She calmly said – "We have always prepared this soup is!" Well, then cook the same way. And one more stone in a good garden: a soy sauce you why dilute? .. Bottle on the table "Keykomana", which are filled from the carafe. It should be noted nice interior and the availability of a summer verandah. Staff: At this point as lucky. Or you will be served well, or you can just about forget it! Pricelist: Regular price tag sushi bar.

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