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The Attitude

Of this phenomenon which is important to mulch is technique or the conception from which aims to for example qualify a subject from the attitude that the student toward academic area, displays said it step is mediated by the person of the teacher or Professor, a human being that has its subjective nature and their volitions to be imperfect. However, has been making the mistake of assess – qualify a cognitive learning from other areas, and the relationship between areas or components is not explicit and the most often are the autonomous orbit of the professor. Reconciling the various facts and phenomena brought by the evaluation, efluye spontaneous and accurately the responsibility that fit this institutional operation, such as the cause of school failure. There are many cases where as a result of the assessment, life projects are truncated, until suicides are committed, Professorial lives indiscriminately blinding worldwide, family breaks that appear and an archipelago of various phenomena collapses. In essence the assessment is behind school failure, and this denotes an academic failure with serious consequences as that I have aereamente pointed out, more than that in practice the right to education is being violated. In the direction pointed out then, warns the submersion of the education in the country, in a sea of turmoil and social uncertainty that permeates and reaches the administrative academic core of the school debating it, harassing her and worse by diluting from its violent and heteromorphs inflows. For this reason warns the need from such a situation, foresee what is happening, what is happening both to education inside and outside of it, and such virtue teorico-pedagogico Periscope us could then guide to coasts more beneficial and effective to develop the role that historically has to correspond to the school.

4. TOWARDS A DIALOGICAL, PURPOSEFUL EVALUATION AND HUMANIST. Do tell me the water running is water source, Summit or Valley? ANTONIO MACHADO on the basis of the educational prognosis streaky on the previous pages, and establishing evaluation as the lens from which shows the status of the teaching process and learning, emerges the need, for purposes of this paper, establish my particular z-axis, recognizing that the x-axis of the coordinates of the pedagogical debate found positions in favour of the evaluation objective, Nazism and technocratic, versus the positions on the shaft and entifican positions in favour of no assessment, finding humanist, monitoring behavioral among others.

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