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The provider ensures a highly encrypted data on their servers. In addition, automatic fuses can this data by (e.g., daily or weekly) be kept constantly up-to-date. With an incremental backup, only new or changed files are backed up. c) the exchange of personal data with friends, family or co-workers recommendation: online hard drive, possibly: online backup as a) already described, online hard drives are ideal, to make data available quickly and easily to other devices or persons. The online backup is ideal if the data should be stored explicitly to the backup. This, as well as data recovery can also about several people and/or computer be performed, if the data access requirements (e.g., access data, key for the encryption and decryption) on all participating computers. (d) the discharge of the hard drive in your own computer by data outsourcing recommendation: online backup and online storage for data outsourcing are suitable both online data backup types. In turn, the exact intention is decisive for the choice.

If the data often is to be accessed, the online hard drive works fine. But dealing with rather little used data, the online backup is ideal. 5. Conclusion the strength of online storage is flexible access to the data, which the online backup the security of stored data. The decision for an online data backup type depends on the individual needs. Of course, both deals can be used parallel.

This makes sense, if both the permanent access to files from different devices is required (online storage), as well as a (second) backup of important data desired against data loss is (online backup). The online backup can be created from a virtual drive. Thus the data is backed up twice: for permanent access and complete recovery after a system crash. Different providers should be compared to the choice of the adequate supply. Decision criteria are recommended: online backup: German provider professional, secure solution (SSL encryption level?) Secure data centers, good service, phone support, any personal customer service attractive prices experience, size and financial stability for online hard drive: synchronization function desired virtual drive? Existing data transfer limits? Should software be installed? Supported platforms/operating systems service, phone support, any personal customer service attractive prices experience, size and financial stability as a further basis for decision is a indicative test of a service recommended. Without any financial risk, you can, for example, thirty days free test online backup is at different providers. Author information: The safarea GmbH is a professional online backup provider and has to be the aim of the German provider with the best price performance ratio. Products for business and private customers are offered with a high security 256 bit SSL at reasonable prices. For more information, see.

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