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The Dishes

To define how to wash in each case you need to know the properties of substances that pollute the dishes, their strength in the hot and cold water, alkali solutions and acids, organic solvents, ability to oxidize with the formation of water-soluble compounds. Distinguish: washing with water, wash with detergent, washing chromate, washing with a mixture of hydrochloric acid and hydrogen peroxide. For cleaning laboratory cookware, specialized tables, washing the sink out of resistant materials that are not susceptible to the action of chemical reagents and other aggressive media or materials. In general, all the furniture, which we seen in the laboratory, made from materials resistant to moisture, not prone to fire, inert to corrosive substances such as acids and bases, allowing for multiple care processing. Laboratory furniture is long, and resistant to wear and especially developed for the specific goals and objectives. Russian furniture industry is concentrated in the Central and Northwest regions.

However, stiff competition from foreigners has been for Russian furniture to be very fruitful in the sense of learning civilized business. Foreign companies in Russia have demonstrated how to promote their products as serve customers, how to achieve competitive advantage. The result of the lessons taught by the emergence of the domestic furniture industry leaders from among the new businesses that are able to produce laboratory furniture, not as good as or quite a bit inferior to the models from leading European manufacturers. They invaded a niche, which is traditionally occupied by foreign manufacturers, and successfully compete for those buyers for whom price is in second place. Some of these vendors have become so successful that work mainly for export.

Range of laboratory furniture are classified by type of material operational purpose, method of production, functional use, design, completeness, the deformation of soft elements, as well as types of products. Quality laboratory furniture depends on the level engineering development, regulatory and technical documentation, technological training, organization of production, size, feasibility, aesthetic appeal, and the quality of raw material and source materials. All of these factors are regulated by the relevant State standards, OSTami, PCT, enterprise standards and other documents. When choosing laboratory furniture, workers and employers pay much attention to functionality and design of furniture. Criteria such as security and productivity products, as well as quality and price of furniture is important, but may move to the background if you need a specialized laboratory equipment. Range of furniture for the lab today is very, very big. There are lots of both domestic and zabugornogo manufacturers. It's in your hands! Hopefully these tips will help you in choosing and at least a little help navigate in this very difficult and important question in your lab equipment.

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