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Which the motivation of transferring 8 hours or more per day to make something that if detesta? Nobody deserves this punishment. Worse: when one does not become what it is liked, the things finish for leaving the motivation badly alone can exist when something of positive in the life becomes. When something is inevitable, then it fits us at least modifying our mentality, so that it is more easy Each moment of our life has that to have something of positive For times alone we need to discover what it is When &#039 is about our time; ' livre' ' – and conscientious of that ours ' ' liberdade' ' it does not pass of a myth given the limitations that the society imposes in them – then it is our obligation to make what it will be to our reach, stops amusing in them, to saborear the life and to become each different day It will not have nothing missed more, of what to close itself in the zone of the comfort ' ' I do not want. Not taste. I do not make! ' ' The locks are these that inside keep the people of its golden box, that does not pass of an arrest. To refuse it new experiences, is the same that to hinder the evolution it our being. If it is truth that in the film ' ' Sim' ' it has one I exaggerate in accepting to make absolutely everything what the others impose in them, is also truth that will be the addition of the positive answers versus the negative answers that become our more or less positive and interesting life. If we assume that ' ' yes, I want, I I can, I fao' ' in them he brings new experiences, possible joys positive energy, is obvious that ' ' no' ' it brings NEGATIVISMO above all.

To refuse it the joys of the life, means to focar itself in the sadnesses In the same way that it has people that they look at for the crisis and alone they come problems and reasons to be quietinhos, affirming clearly to any possibility not to run away to the crisis, those face that and look it new chances normally get away better. But exactly that they do not get away, at least they have the satisfaction of attemped having, to have said that Yes, and to have IDO in the wave for some time Surely they had used to advantage better the life, of what the others, that had been to the wait. In the end of accounts, a thing is only certain: one day we go to die. It still can be today. Considering this, it will be that we are to make what we must, so that our life counts, nor that it is alone for us exactly? If the reply it is not, the consequncia must be the change. For more information see this site: Palantir. Already. It does not have one minute to lose. It can be the last one. carpe diem, noctem idem.

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