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The Light

Nothing stops you. It is time to give you the time, stop and search for it in the silence of your interior. It is time for you to know that if these in this world is not by chance, is simply that I’ve assigned you a mission to accomplish here and now, a mission that will make you transcend humanity and until not discover it and claim it for yourself I can do nothing thereon, since you did free Actthink, choose and be. Search inside you which is your mission in this world, once you discover it, prepare tirelessly and acts with determination to achieve what you want, do not fulfill your mission would be the worst sin, not be happy.-While you discover it I’ll give you 7 keys that allow you to glimpse the light amidst the darkness. 1. To everything that you do, put the magic ingredient, love. 2 Live intensely every moment of your life, you don’t miss a single moment looking for excuses to not be happy.

3 Make the ordinary things in a way extraordinary. 4 – Give thanks every day for what you have and what you still do not have, that only the grateful in poverty, will be fair in the wealth. Learn of life each day a little more and be sure the wealth to poorer your heart. 5-Looking for serving others, that only he who lives to serve, is used to live. 6-Te patience, effort, dedication. Don’t expect the road to be simple, since there is to have strength, motivation and patience to reach the Summit. Do not wait for me to solve all your problems, acts intensely, diligently seeks and believes in you as I do. And when you fall get up with a spirit of learning and self-improvement knowing that you’re going to get by I’ll be by your side to help you. 7-Ten faith in my and in what I am doing with you, you have to understand the changes and adjustments that I am doing in you, are painful and understand it, but this is the only way to finish my masterpiece at you, so it accepts every anguish, every pain as a step to overcome and confront him with the force of the faith, with the strength to know that every pain, every anguish is to get the best of you.–now my own son, I give an order as I di it Lazarus in the sepulchre get up and go! And this is an order, work, stand up I don’t see that I need you strong?, what do not hear your family needs you?, what don’t know that this world needs you? You can not follow defeated, you can follow not harming you to you and others.

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