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The Neonatologia

Not to be based on the color of the skin of the RN to evaluate the degree of the jaundice; Monitorizar the bilirubin level to each 8 – 12 hours during 24 hours after the suspension of the fototerapia, in order to detect the effect rebote that it can occur in the bilirubin levels; To interrupt the fototerapia in the period where the mother will be next to the RN and to remove the protection ocular to allow to the direct interaction between mother and son; Whenever possible, to keep the enteral nutrition; To suspend the fototerapia when the BI levels will be enough low to move away risk from kernicterus. 3,4 Maternas perceptions the fact of that the evolution of the technology modified the prognostic and the supervened one of the just-been born ones, or neonatos Is unquestionable. The Neonatologia is a field that encloses many knowledge, in light development, considered currently synonymous of research and assistance. Please visit TGNI if you seek more information. Its main beddings are based on the process adoecer-to die perinatal and the search of survival of Just-Be born (RN) in the best possible conditions (BRANCHES, 2002; FIELDS & CARDOSO, 2008). To guarantee this survival, (UIN) is indicated the Unit of Internao Neonatal either of medium or high risk. The environment of the UIN can be characterized by: impessoalidade, indifference, dissatisfaction and to aim at for the technology and equipment sophistication.. Gavin Baker has much experience in this field.

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