Energy Planning Policies

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The report of the President of Belarus at the republican meeting on issues of strategy development industry indicated that in 1998-2008. growth GDP should be achieved without increasing energy consumption. In this regard, the main indicator of energy efficiency for industrial organizations and the Ministry of Architecture and Construction whole is an annual target: the lag growth in energy consumption for an increase in production of commodity products. Ministry of Architecture and Construction of Belarus is diversified energy consumer in the Republic of Belarus. Direct construction uses up to 15% of the energy of the country. In addition, approximately 30% of fuel consumed is for heating buildings and structures, thermotechnical quality are determined by the construction industry. Given the large share of industry in the expenditure of energy, the rationality of its use depends on the solution of important problems socio-economic stabilization in the republic.

In the production costs of the Ministry of fuel and energy costs are on average 36%, and in some plants, building materials, energy-intensive vypus-penitent, but necessary for construction products, the share of the cost is more important to note that on the specific energy consumption per unit of output in the construction industry enterprises of the republic is much higher than on this important indicator of the EU. The main causes of inefficient use of energy resources, resources in Belarus are: the imperfection of technological processes and equipment, circuits, power, automation and process control systems, weak implementation of new energy-efficient and clean technologies, incomplete utilization of secondary energy resources, weak metered, control and regulation of technological processes and energy, the shortcomings inherent in the design and construction of residential houses, public and industrial buildings, large losses FER for delivery to the consumer. In order to take additional measures for the effective and economical Uses of the subjects of management of energy resources and the further implementation of the Republican energy saving program for the period up to 2000, as well as providing advance within the 9-10% growth rates of gross domestic product in the country relative to the rate of consumption of boiler and furnace fuel compared with 1997 year by the Council of Ministers on 19 June 1998. 965 “On measures to strengthen work on the implementation of energy-saving policy in the republic ‘envisaged the adoption of a number of additional measures for the effective and economical use of energy resources. The definition of a list of energy conservation measures of priority for the country, defined task to increase the use of native species fuel, secondary energy resources, alternative and renewable energy sources. The main directions of socio-economic development of the Be-larus in 1996 2008gody and development of logistics Base construction of the Republic of Belarus for the period 2008-2015, defined the purpose of building complex, which is the most comprehensive security needs of the population and economy in an efficient construction production is scheduled to increase the pace of construction growth.

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