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Topics For Political Reform In Colombia

The country does want to discuss real reform. A reform that touches the bottom, in addition to the form. Topics may be many and will need to agree to introduce patriotic in our Constitution the necessary arrangements. I will make a list of items that I believe are the most important and in future articles delve ellos.Uno on each of the topics to be thick compulsory voting. Long ago we have been avoided, as there has never been a real interest of our ruling class, accustomed to patronage practices for some time that would be seriously undermined by the adoption of compulsory voting. The consequence is that Colombia today belongs to that small number (two or three) countries that do not enshrined in its Constitution. The discussion should focus on the consecration of the duty to vote in all elections, with the enunciation of stiff financial penalties and other types, to those who do not go to the polls.

Another is the introduction of a system or parliamentary system our country. This system has worked well in developed countries with a long shaping of political culture, but adaptation to reality is not far-fetched Creole. This political system is characterized by a strong separation of the different public authorities and the existence of accurate regulatory mechanisms in case of disagreement between the executive and legislature or parliament. The government should have the confidence of the parliamentary majority it is accountable to it, should give more and that does not have the majority in college or having the power to dissolve parliament and call new elections. The head of the Executive is bipartisan: The Head of State (President, King or another) that embodies the continuity of the state being politically irresponsible and Head of Government (usually called the Prime Minister) in charge of administrative affairs and policies general.O

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