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But Although the representatives of the regime do forth as lawyers of Justice abroad, they create it actually prevail without batting an eyelid screaming injustice for plenty of people in the Iran to let 6. What brotherhood means is today rather understandable under the concept of solidarity. With a term used in business life, one could also say that it is a win-win situation. Win-win is based on genuine interest, dialogue, tolerance, understanding, fairness, transparency, sustainability and commitment to others. It is in a sense an altruistic Act which submitted one finally also to the advantage. The regime in the Iran seems sometimes altruistic Act. Again, it sounds from Tehran it was worried about the fate of the Palestinian people. Tehran also helps like with education, weapons, money and oil in South America, Africa and some countries in the region.

Unselfish? One can doubt it confidently. At least were the murderous purges of political Competitors, unpopular groups and competitors during 33 years not disinterested. Murdered former colleagues such as Tudeh were bloodiest may party members, Mujahideen, politician, venerable priest, who denounced the abuse of religion, secrecy who had fled into exile, people such as the Baha ‘ i faith or Sufi Masters who not obediently to kowtow to the Supreme Leader. The Trojan horse – the tactics of the cunning Greeks in the battle for Troy the nature of the regime in the Iran is for a few people in the West to understand. Some lead elements of democracy into the field, declared to the camouflage of the omnipotence of the leader as a Republican. It languishes in part like to superficial aspects of the ideology of Iran’s around or takes part in protection, always the antagonism to the United States or Israel citing acts of the regime. We are not interested in this antagonism at this point, since he often mentioned and much obscured on Iran.

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