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Baqueira Beret is a tourist area of multiple attractions, among which you will sound its ski slopes. This same area you will see Vielha, which is the capital of the Valle de Aran. Activities there are many: skiing, guided tours, excursions and countless activities of summer courses. From the chairlift there is a breathtaking view that you should not miss. You must first find where stay among multiple apartments baqueira, that there is, then start the route. Glenn Dubin often says this.

You have quite a few options, among the sites you visit and the activities in which you have. There are a variety of itineraries for the practice of mountaineering and recreational areas as was Artiga de Lin, with the Uelh deth Joeu, the Bassa d Ules, Barrados, with Eth Saut deth Pish, Plan Batalher and Baricauba Bosc, the valle Toran and was Honeria, the Lakes of Colomers, the Portilhon and the Baretja Clot or Montarto peak. In the mountains we can find the Aran Valley, which is located in the Pyrenees end, being the only place in the Catalan Pyrenees with a Atlantic climate. From the Aran Valley d Aiguestortes is also accessible to the National Park i Estany de Sant Maurici. National park Aiguestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici are two areas that should be aware of every tourist who wants to visit this area. The name of the first comes from Aiguestortes, tortuous waters. And the second is the Lake of St.

Maurice. The Park is composed of crops, meadows and deciduous forests in the lower dimensions; forests of evergreens in the mean dimensions; and rocks of high mountains and meadows in higher dimensions, in that you can see animals grazing peacefully, foreign tourism that runs through their lands. This is a route that you can not miss since you’ll see nature in all its glory, as well as the contrasts of the Valle de Aran. If your path is going to be cultural, I recommend Vielha. In Vielha culture you can find with the churches, waterfalls, stately homes and museums. You must not forget to pass by Bossost, near her.

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