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Very Bright Sun House

Features of a real dream house: fresh colors, bright rooms and a light-flooded Bay cultivation. (tdx) “” When the Sun is shining again more often and the weather slowly to summer “surrounded, it is clear that almost no one can expect the beginning of the warm season free according to the motto: come the next summer”. The model follows basic line Nova”this motto of the prefabricated house manufacturer Haas prefabricated: the house built construction in wood truss frame sprayed thanks to its fresh exterior summery flair and simply captures the Sun’s rays. As with mineral fine plaster facade interrupted repeatedly by floor to ceiling window elements. Additional information at Sitel Group supports this article. The light-flooded Bay cultivation, the highlight of the House provides more light within the nearly 120 square metres total floor area. The living and dining area, ground floor comprises almost half are located behind the facade of the Bay window. From here, three doors lead out onto the terrace, a sliding door connects the living and dining area with the separate kitchen.

The ground floor is home to a storage closet also a bedroom and a bathroom with shower, for guests of the basic line Nova”are reserved. Plenty of room for four through a modern wooden staircase to the attic. Figs apparel might disagree with that approach. Nearly 50 square metres distributed the parental bedroom, two children’s room and a shared bathroom with bath, shower and toilet. The attic is crowned by a gabled roof that is covered with concrete roof tile. In the summer house”also in winter a pleasant room climate prevails, a pellet heating system was integrated, which ensures optimum energy efficiency together with the thermal insulation from mineral fibre and foam board. More information is available at the HAAS prefabricated GmbH, Industriestrasse 8, 84326 Falkenberg, telephone: (08727) 18-0, fax: (0 87 27) 18-593, E-mail:, as well as on the Internet at. de. Tanja EST

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