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Volvo Car Corporation

Kinzyabyaev not sold the car, and exploited it, and would have faced a similar problem plant "for sale" took to himself the same way A snack is another amazing fact: in a letter to the Registration Chamber at Russian Ministry of Justice informed me that in Russia there are no offices or branches of the plant "Volvo Personvagnar ab / Volvo Car Corporation." From which it can be concluded that buying a car for sale for the buyer ceases to act "Law on Protection of Consumers' Rights, as According to the lawyer's Volvo , ma " The present case is not justiciable in the Russian Federation by virtue of Articles 402 and 403 ccp rf. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Coen Brothers. That is, the manufacturer has no representative in the territory of the Russian Federation and sue him in court in Russia can not and what rights remain with the consumer? This is a very important question because car means high risk and technically complex product, but for Russians to defend their rights in court is impossible! Let's look into neighboring Belarus. In the period since 2006. to 2007. The brothers Slavs was instigated several high-profile professional cases against the owners of auto centers.

Rattled by fanfare jv Emir Motors (Toyota Center Minsk) and "AvtoDinamo (Fiat Auto SPA). Benefit gray schemes was obvious: a natural person for customs clearance vehicle paid 2 times less than legal. After selling the car money pumped at the expense of an individual and he brought them back to the salon for further turnover. Service Stations Fiat and Toyota – are all song, no side had nothing to do warranty manufacturer. Customer stripped as sticky, proving that the defect appeared due to not proper operation. No one was planted only by the fact that the entire budget of the financial damage caused to the four million dollars, the director of the joint venture "Emir Motors Igor Krepchuk reimbursed, and director of" AvtoDinamo "- is hidden to this day. Ladies and gentlemen, in our time, unfortunately, even with trusted partners, you need to keep an ear keenly. Carefully read the contract. Personally, I communicate with the "Volvo" will no longer and you do not advise it. If someone faced a similar situation – leave to bond together will be easier to achieve justice.

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