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What Do You Have To Give ?

"Happiness is not a matter of good fortune or possessions. It is a mental attitude. This is appreciate what we have, instead of being miserable than it has. It is so simple but so difficult for the human mind to understand" . Bits & Pieces Every year, millions of us New Year's resolutions to lose weight, exercise more, more closely monitor our money, eat more nutritious food, etc etc usually have a critical look at ourselves and highlight the negative things we feel we have to change. Today, I offer a new perspective on the idea of resolutions. I invite you to consider instead: What do you have to offer * * to the world that until now have been offering full? Let's make this year their contribution. More information is housed here: Robert A. Iger .

I'd take a quick inventory of their talents and natural gifts. Believe me, you have more than you give yourself credit for! Now the list of ways that you can use each gift for the benefit of others in this year. Are you a good listener? Can you make a greater effort to listen to others this year? Are you a talented musician? How can you share your talent with the world? What naturally good and how could you give more than your family, your friends, your neighborhood, your job or your community? Are you a talented cook, or the painter? Who would you cook for this year you've done it before? Who could paint looking for? I'm not suggesting you spend every minute of next year giving away his talent! Just pick a few, maybe your favorite, it would be fun and start with them. This is a true win-win. You will feel better about yourself and your talents are expressed (and appreciated) as well as the obvious benefits to the receiver.

There is an expression of many subtle victories in this type of car, not the least of which is the potential for new or closer relationship with others. Too often, our passions and talents remain locked in our houses or apartments and are limited to the fans hours of Saturday morning. If even that. Let out in the world! Share the wealth of his talent. Let this be the year that share it. Do not be stingy. That gave her her natural talents for a reason – they gave him so they can contribute to the world. So what you have to give? Maigre Deirdre McEachern is a personal trainer who helps clients experience more joy in their lives. You can contact Deirdre for a free consultation at 207-439-4280 or join her free monthly newsletter

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