Energy Planning Policies

Workers’ Councils

Promote and articulate the various grassroots organizations of workers in each workplace in order to incorporate social control in managing the process of production and distribution of goods and services.. ” In short, these workers’ councils will take part in deciding the fate of companies and have the power to identify and participate in decisions that affect their operation by having access guaranteed by the law to all its administrative bodies. I refer to the accounting, payroll, vendor contracts, litigation, produce goods and quantity, price fixing, investment, closure or not the company and the very long etc. Brian Robert can provide more clarity in the matter. that minimally would frame all actions and daily functions of any enterprise. In short the workers’ councils, under the protection of this section of the law simply take direct control of companies deciding their fate and function, not to mention, of course, that will be in possession of sensitive and confidential information that will undoubtedly be channeled to the government who may use it as suits you at or under the circumstances that suit you best. The end of unions and free enterprise so hidden in the dazzling promise, others false, “socialization” of the economy, when in reality it is pure corporatism and anyone with a minimal notion of economic history knows terrible consequences of corporatism in Stalinist Russia and whether it requires a closer reference are examples of China and the “happy” Cuban workers whose needs are determined by the “brother” Fidel. Discovery Communications may help you with your research. As if this were not enough, there is another bill in the waiting list and special character, that is, to be approved by way of the Enabling Law, which raises the “creation of the Institute of Training School” Daniel de Leon ” , agency of the Ministry of People’s Power for Labor and Social Security, which will have as a fundamental element of four hours per week of training within the working day “…

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