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It is important to understand what are the lists of data in Excel and how to create them. Too often, the structure and the field names used in the data lists are not descriptive. This may cause problems when analyzing data with Excel (PivotTable, Solver) tools. When creating a list of data must take into account the following: all records in the list of data share the same field names. For example, it uses field names to store a single datum.

For example, it uses several fields (name, surname, maiden name) instead of a single field (full name). All the values in each field must be consistent. For example, if the total sales field data have two decimals, another record should not have four decimals. Any value fields must be empty, even if the value is unknown. In this case, we introduciriamos the value 0. Leaving a blank value, it can sometimes be difficult to make calculations or results that we get are erroneous. It is preferable to create only a list in each worksheet.

Tasks such as sorting, grouping and filtering work best when they are limited to single in a single worksheet lists. Fields names should be descriptive but not exceeding it. For example, a field named name is more descriptive than a field called field. in addition, a field called Total sales could be as easy to understand as a field called Total sale that appears at the bottom of an invoice. These tips will help us to prevent possible errors in our calculations and will offer us the possibility of using other tools of Excel more efficiently. Visit my website for more information manuals and tutorials on Excel original author and source of the article

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