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XinXii offers its users new options for the email marketing Berlin / Tel Aviv, easily create of an individual E-Mail signature, which in addition allows linking to selected Internet platforms allow 02.03.2011. WiseStamp email apps. So, the user such as their social media profiles can integrate and link its online shop pages, where in addition to sizes Amazon Marketplace and ebay now is also in the selection list to the available. The link can appear as an icon or as an icon with descriptive text. “We are very pleased that WiseStamp has chosen alongside internationally established platforms such as Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube for the integration of,” says Dr. Andrea Schober, Managing Director of, and adds: “With the business network XING we are the only German company which is available in the selection list for a profile link available.” XinXii is any of Europe’s leading online platform, on which his lyrics, Documents and eBooks can publish and sell in the own XinXii shop: you are uploaded by the provider to the platform and offered for buyers as a download. The users benefit from through the partnership of an innovative email marketing and networking tool that until today has been installed in over 1.5 million copies worldwide and ranks among the top 50 most popular add-ons for Firefox. The E-Mail signature is an important and helpful marketing tool for authors: each recipient is a potential reader.

With the application of WiseStamp, every user of has the possibility, free of charge, automated and professionally designed to take advantage of this tool: it can generate an own E-Mail signature on within minutes in which he integrates a XinXii icon with a direct link to its XinXii-shop. All publications appear besides the author profile-click the E-Mail recipient, he can purchase as a download. “We are pleased about the integration of XinXii.

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